Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Christian Science Fiction Blog Tour Spotlight~ Beckon by Tom Pawlik

        From the Back Cover:

Some things weren’t meant to be discovered. But once they’re unleashed, there’s no turning back.
Beneath the town of Beckon, a terror hides, lurking in the darkness. Waiting.

Three people are drawn to the small Wyoming town for very different reasons. Anthropologist Jack Kendrick comes looking for clues to his father’s disappearance. Police officer Elina Gutierrez arrives in the near-deserted town on the trail of her missing cousin. And George Wilcox is lured by the promise of a cure for his wife’s illness.

All are looking for answers. But as they draw closer to discovering the town’s chilling secret, the real question becomes . . . will their quest uncover a miracle, or release an unspeakable evil?

About the author:
Tom is the highly imaginative Christy Award-winning author of "Vanish", "Valley of the Shadow" and "Beckon". His unique brand of suspense thrillers will grab you from the first page and won't let go until the last.
Image of Tom PawlikTom's fascination with the weird, the creepy and the unknown began at a very early age when he was introduced to a bizarre 19th century German story book called "Der Struwwelpeter". The book was a collection of nightmarish morality tales by a German physician who obviously had too much time on his hands and no children of his own. The morbid nursery rhymes included the frightful "Daumenlutscher" (Thumbsucker), a disturbing yarn about a young boy who was warned that if he continued to suck his thumbs, the demented local tailor would chop them off with his sewing shears. You can guess the story's gruesome ending has scared many a child out of surreptitiously savoring their opposable digits over the years. Other tales warned against playing with matches and being overly messy. Needless to say Tom never played with matches, generally kept his room clean and to this day retains the use of both his thumbs.
But the psychological damage was already done, and Tom's warped imagination turned him to writing his own creepy stories at a rather young age. Alas, no publishers were brave enough to bring his stories to print, so Tom would not realize his life-long dream of becoming a published author until the ripe old age of 42. Today, Tom lives in Ohio and is happily married with five children of his own... who, oddly enough, never sucked their thumbs.

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