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Guest Post by Patricia Fry author of the Klepto Cat Mystery Series

Patricia Fry is the author of the wildly successful Klepto Cat Mystery Series and today she is guest hosting here at WV Stitcher! 
Secrets of a Mystery Writer and Her Cat Characters:
I’m a woman with passions. I meet people from time to time who claim to have no passions in life, and I hurt for them. So what is a passion? To me, it’s the things you live for—the things that feed your soul and lift your spirit.
I’m passionate about writing and I’m passionate about cats. I’m one of those who melts upon seeing a kitten or even a picture of one. And I’ve always had cats in my home. I’m fortunate enough to have found a way to integrate these two passions by writing about cats.
Writing about cats is not new to me. I’ve been writing articles about cat care, feral cats, colony cats, understanding cats, cat personalities, etc. for years. But writing fiction is new to me.
When I decided I wanted to try my hand at writing fiction, of course, cats came to mind. What better combination for light reading than mysteries and cats—cats and mysteries. But wait, I needed a unique angle. I rejected the idea of talking cats, cats with super powers, angelic cats, ghost cats, un-catlike cats and so forth. Would my cat character be an escape artist/Houdini, stow away, habitual scrapper? Would he or she levitate, respond to music in some unusual way, herd ducks?
It didn’t take me long to decide—he would be a kleptomaniac whose habit helps local authorities solve mysteries. Thus, Rags (Ragsdale) was born and the Klepto Cat Mystery series idea spawned.
Rags is not a cat I’ve ever known, except in bits and pieces. He looks like my mother’s handsome grey-and-white boy, Smokey; and he has Smokey’s regal confidence and sense of humor. Rags steals things sort of like my tabby, Lily does—except she only takes stuffed toys out of her toy basket and scatters them around the house. Rags, on the other hand, lifts all sorts of things from pockets and purses and hides them in his stash in an upstairs closet.
I’ve enjoyed creating Rags and giving him challenges and exciting adventures. But he isn’t alone in the Klepto Cat Mystery stories. Aside from the human element (interesting people with rich personalities), are additional cats and a few dogs. In fact, Rags once helps to save the dog that lives in his household. That was a traumatic day for everyone but Rags, who truly wasn’t trying to be a hero. He was just being catlike.
Rags also lives with two other cats, Buffy, who has the coat and demeanor of my Himalayan, Katie and the sweet, soft personality of Lily, our tabby. Rags doesn’t have much use for Buffy, but he does like to take over her pink canopy bed whenever he can.
Dolly is probably Rags’s best cat friend. She expresses my Lily’s kittenish side and she looks a lot like Lily. As far as Rags is concerned, Dolly is sometimes a pest. But like most guys, he can’t resist a cat that idolizes him. Yup, Dolly is following in Rags’s pawsteps in some ways. She’s already done some minor sleuth work on her own. Be sure to read all about it in The Colony Cat Caper.
Rags is prevalent in all five of the Klepto Cat Mystery books, but he probably has the most fun, the largest role, and is in the most danger in Undercover Cat. But then he was an eye witness in Cat-Eye Witness. That was a harrowing ordeal for him.
It’s no use. There’s no story better than the other, so I (and Rags) urge you to start at the beginning. Order Catnapped, the first in the series for your Kindle. Follow up by reading Cat-Eye Witness, Sleight of Paw, Undercover Cat, and The Colony Cat Caper. They are all formatted for Kindle. The first three are in print as well. Stay tuned, before the year is out, all five current Klepto Cat Mysteries will be in Kindle and print, and there will be a brand new book launched.
Order your copies here:

Thanks so much for guest hosting today, here is a bit about Ms. Fry.

Patricia Fry is the author of 37 books (and counting), including "Publish Your Book, Proven Strategies and Resources for the Enterprising Author," "Promote Your Book, Over 250 Proven, Low-Cost Tips and Techniques for the Enterprising Author," "Talk Up Your Book, How to Sell Your Book Through Public Speaking, Interviews, Signings, Festivals, Conferences and More" and "Catscapades, True Cat Tales." She started her writing career in 1973 and had her first book published by a New York publisher five years later. She established her own publishing company, Matilija Press, in 1983, before it was fashionable or even convenient.
Patricia supported herself for many years by writing magazine articles, and currently spends most of her time working with other authors on their projects. She is the executive director of SPAWN (Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network), a networking organization for anyone interested in or involved in publishing.
Her interests, outside of writing and publishing, include grandchildren, her kitty cats, travel, gardening and her daily meditation walk.

Why not check out some of the stops on the Klepto Cat blog tour:

Here’s the  blog tour schedule for July 21 through July 28 for the  Klepto Cat Mystery series. In fact, Brenda Casto at WV Stitcher, a blog about reviewing, and stitching, is devoting every Monday this month to the Klepto Cat Mystery series. She posted her original reviews for Catnapped, Cat-Eye Witness andSleight of Paw July 7. This week, she is featuring Undercover Cat. Read her review here: Monday, July 21, Brenda reviews my latest Klepto Cat Mystery, The Colony Cat Caper and July 28, I will be guest blogger at her site. I’ll giving some never-before-divulged insight as to why I write what I write and how I come up with some of the Klepto Cat Mystery stories and cat personalities I feature.
July 22, Laura Thomas will post a review for The Colony Cat Caper at her site, FU Only Knew. And she’ll post my guest blog focused on my writing path—what led up to my creating this successful cozy mystery series. Be sure to visit Laura’s site next Tuesday. After having established a forty-year career writing nonfiction, why did I decide to try my hand at writing a novel? It’s a rather interesting story. You don’t want to miss it.
Wednesday, July 23, I’ll be sharing a recipe with Anna and her blog visitors at She’ll also post her review of The Colony Cat Caper.
July 24, one of my cat characters, Dolly, a formerly feral kitten will be guest blogger. You don’t not want to miss this. Be sure to check in at
July 25, Michele at Miki’s Hope will post her review of Sleight of Paw, the third in the series. I think I’ll provide something special for you at my own blog that day, as well. My theme is a surprise, even to me. Anyone have any ideas? Maybe Rags, the kleptomaniac cat, will join us and give us some hints about the next book in the Klepto Cat Mystery series.
Monday, July 28, as I mentioned above, I’ll be guest blogger for Brenda Casto at Kitty Crochet.
Whew, it will be a full week, and a fun one. I hope you will make a note on your calendar to join me and my fun cats for the journey.

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The Drifter's Bride ~ Tatiana March

  • File Size: 945 KB
  • Print Length: 71 pages
  • Publisher: Harlequin Historical Undone (April 1, 2014)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00H5I7ZJ4

Arizona Territory, 1881

Rescue the girl, claim the reward, get out of town. It's the kind of mission that Carl Ritter has completed many times before. Except that Jade Armstrong is no meek captive. She's a strong-willed, half-Apache beauty. And instead of leaving town, Carl agrees to marry her.

Without a white husband, Jade will lose her land. The rugged bounty hunter offers a temporary marriage, just long enough to father the child she needs to secure her inheritance. But the fierce mutual desire unleashed on their wedding night kindles a fire neither expected, turning a business arrangement into a union forged in pleasure....

My take on this book:
As a half-Apache woman Jade Armstrong's father knows the only way that she will be able to inherit his farm is to find her a white husband. When she runs off to live with the Apaches he hires a bounty hunter to bring her back, Carl Ritter is the third bounty hunter to go after her, the first two brought her home, but when her father offered them a marriage bargain they declined,  Carl  finds himself accepting the agreement though. Thing is Carl is a drifter, whose past haunts him and makes him think that there is no way that he can have a future that involves a family. He promises only to stay long enough for Jade to have a child and then he plans on leaving, or at least that's what his head tells him, but his heart has other ideas.

The Drifter's Bride is a well written historical romance of sorts that provided an interesting take on arranged marriage. Ms. March created easy to like characters that were very well fleshed. I could easily understand how Jade must have felt, even though she put her father and their livelihood in jeopardy.The author captured the small town, narrow minded feel of the community, and how they felt about Jade. Carl carried blame for something that he wasn't responsible for. While I sort of knew how the story would end, I found the plot engaging anyway, and couldn't put the book down.  Overall, this was my first time reading a Harlequin Undone Historical  and I found it to be a great little read. Since there are a few sexual situations I would rate it a PG but honestly the scenes are very well done. Historical romance fans will enjoy this quick read, I know I did.

The Journey Bible~ Revealing God and How You Fit Into His Plan

NIV The Journey Bible“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”—Jeremiah 29:13
The NIV Journey Bible is uniquely designed to help readers discover the practical aspects of Christianity and better understand God. Patterned after the Willow Creek model of ministry and intended for those in the investigative stage of their spiritual journey, The Journey’s exploratory approach addresses key questions inquisitive readers may have about the Bible and its relevance today. Notes and insights are woven throughout the complete NIV Bible text, drawing readers into the message and pointing the way to a relationship with Jesus. Icons trace six seeker themes throughout Scripture: "Discovering God," "Addressing Questions,” “Strengthening Relationships," "Reasons to Believe," "Knowing Yourself," and "Managing Resources." Also included in The Journey are introductory articles that define key concepts involved in being a spiritually open person, book introductions, indexes, a dictionary/concordance, and a "Fire Alive" reading plan covering Genesis, Deuteronomy, John, Acts, and Romans.
The Journey can be used as an evangelism tool and makes a perfect gift for new believers and those looking for answers to life’s deepest questions. It is also a helpful guide for veteran Christians who want a refreshing perspective on the basics of their belief.

My take on this Bible:
The Journey Bible is exactly what is says it is. It's a journey thru the Bible for spiritual explorers, anyone seeking greater understanding of God's word. There are several features included in this Bible that makes it perfect for a first time Bible user, but more seasoned users will find plenty to like with this one as well. A different sort of study Bible with notes that fall into seven categories such as know yourself, managing resources, addressing questions , strengthening relationships, discovering God, why Jesus, and reasons to believe. Some very useful topical information is included at the beginning of this Bible that include a summary of the Bible, Jesus' famous one -liners, how to follow Jesus, and who is Jesus, just to name a few. I found these readings to be quite informative and refer back to them often. There is also a "five alive" reading  plan that covers Genesis,Deuteronomy, John,Acts, and Romans, it's a one month reading plan allowing users to learn the essential teachings of the Bible. I found the information included in The Journey to be very useful, the only drawback that I had with this Bible is that everything is monochromatic and I prefer a splash of color to make study aids stand out. While I think this Bible would be a good gift for a new believer there are study aids that make it useful for anyone looking for answers.

A complimentary copy of this Bible was provided for review.

Jonah and the Great Big Fish by Rhonda Gowler Greene~ Illustrated by Margaret Spengler

  • Age Range: 4 - 8 years
  • Hardcover: 32 pages
  • Publisher: Zonderkidz (July 29, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0310732190
  • ISBN-13: 978-0310732198

About the book:

“God told Jonah to obey,
said, ‘Go to Nineveh this day.’
But, stubborn Jonah fled instead.
Didn’t do just what God said.”

Jonah’s disobedience landed him inside a big fish! And there he had time to think and pray.

Children will feel the waves and hear the splash as Jonah sinks “down and down and down” into the belly of the fish. This story serves as an excellent reminder of how important it is to listen to God.

My take on this book:
Jonah and the Great Big Fish is filled with eye catching illustrations that is sure  to capture the eye and imagination of your little ones. The book opens with scripture from Jonah 1 1:2 with God telling Jonah to go to the city of Nineveh, of course Jonah doesn't obey and he winds up inside the belly of a fish. Written in rhyme the story sticks very close to scripture using simplistic words that youngsters will certainly understand. What a wonderful way to introduce youngsters to a beloved story from the Bible. Even though there isn't a presentation page I think this book would make a wonderful gift and would be appropriate to use in Sunday School or even home school. Overall a sturdy little book that shares the story of Jonah and what happened when he decided to disobey God.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review.

I Want To Do Yoga Too ~ Carole P. Roman

  • Age Range: 5 - 8 years
  • Grade Level: Kindergarten - 03
  • Paperback: 24 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (December 24, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1475015585
  • ISBN-13: 978-1475015584

Hallie and her mother go to the yoga studio. Hallie wants to join her mom's yoga class, but she isn't allowed. She complains to the babysitter, who gently guides her through four yoga poses. Hallie learns that not only is yoga easy, but fun as well.

My take on this book:
I Want To Do Yoga Too shares the story of Hallie who goes to Yoga studio with her mother but instead of going to the class is left with a babysitter, Robin. Hallie pouts because she wants to do yoga, little does she know that Robin is going to teach her a few yoga poses.

While a quick little read I Want To Do Yoga Too introduces youngsters to a few yoga poses. Explained so that the reader can actually do the poses along with Hallie, they will realize just how easy yoga really is. The use of simple words along with the eye catching illustrations will have youngsters reading this book on their own in no time at all. A cute, quick, easy read that will introduce youngsters to the basics of yoga.

Whaley's Big Adventure ~ Presented by Carole P. Roman

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 May 19, 2014

Join Whaley on his big adventure in the ocean as he meets Whales of all different sizes. Written and illustrated by 5 year old Alexander Luke, and presented by his grandmother, award-winning children's author Carole P. Roman, this oceanic adventure of whale-sized proportions will teach youngsters about the different whales that live in the oceans.

My take on this book:
Whaley is a big blue whale that lives in the ocean. He takes readers along on his adventure as he explores the ocean introducing readers to whales of all different shapes and sizes.

What a wonderful way to learn about some of the many whales that live in the ocean. Great illustrations bring the story to life and the informative way the story is written not only entertains but also informs and educates as well. Readers follow along as Whaley introduces them to various whales and shares a bit of information about them. An informative book that would be perfect for an afternoon read, or even used in homeschooling. 

The Hanging Tree ~ Michael Phillip Cash

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  • Print Length: 91 pages
  • Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1492274518
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  • Publisher: Red Feather Productions (October 6, 2013)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English
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 October 6, 2013

Seventeen year old Arielle is at a crossroads in her life. Disenchanted with her father, she is testing the boundaries of his trust by dating someone he does not approve. Under the moonlit sky in Long Island, Arielle and her boyfriend meet beneath the infamous hanging tree. The couple's destiny is rooted to the five spirits in the tree whose lives and deaths are determined by an ancient curse. Will her future be determined by the past or will Arielle's choices alter the course of her life?

My take on this book:

Seventeen year old Arielle Harmond usually has a very close relationship with her dad especially since her mother left, but now that he is dating someone Arielle finds herself rebelling a bit, pushing the boundaries in order to feel like she has a bit of control. She defies her father by going out on a date with Chad, someone her father doesn't approve of. They were supposed to go to a movie, but instead they find themselves under the hanging tree, which is rumored to be haunted by spirits. Chad wants more than Arielle is willing to give, as he continues to push some odd things start to happen. When it seems that the curse is about to claim another victim it seems that someone Remedy's the curse affecting the many lives it has touched thru the centuries!

The Hanging Tree is a novella that reads like a full length book. Michael Phillip Cash provides in an in depth story that effortlessly transitions between past and present allowing the reader to understand the curse of the hanging tree while also allowing the reader to feel the tension between Arielle and her boyfriend Chad. Teen readers are certainly going to relate to Arielle and the issues that she faces at home and with Chad,but honestly this story is going to appeal to anyone who enjoys a hauntingly good tale that grabs the imagination and doesn't let go! 

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Tess In Boots by Courtney Rice Gager ~ Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal - Tess in Boots Banner

Tess in Boots by Courtney Rice Gager

Anaiah Romance

Tess in Boots Cover RevealTess Dougherty plans every aspect of her life right down to the last detail. But she doesn’t plan on running her boyfriend off by bringing up the topic of marriage before he’s ready. And she doesn’t plan to lose her job on the day she’s set to receive a huge promotion. So when her perfect world unravels, Tess makes a new plan: disappear.

Tess packs her bags and leaves her city apartment for a remote vineyard in North Carolina. At first, she’s put off by the slow pace of small-town life in the South. She’s especially irritated by Thatcher, the vineyard’s smart-mouth, dimple-faced farmhand. But she soon begins to appreciate the area’s charm, and Thatcher’s charm, too. She even swaps her trademark heels for a pair of cowboy boots. As Tess spends more time getting to know Thatcher, she finds herself loosening her grip on her old life little by little. Unfortunately, things on the vineyard aren’t as simple as they seem. There’s a secret here, and when the truth comes to light, Tess is forced to reconsider every plan she’s ever made.

Release Date: December 2, 2014


Author Bio:

Courtney Rice GagerCourtney Rice Gager graduated from Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in communication and a minor in creative writing. Courtney is also the author of The Buggy List. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and daughter.








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The Hitwoman and the Family Jewels by JB Lynn ~ Book Spotlight

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  • Language: English
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 April 26, 2013

How do you say “no” to a mob boss?

When bumbling hitwoman Maggie Lee is asked by her mob boss employer to kill a cop, she wants to say no.

When her sexy murder mentor, Patrick Mulligan tells her the cop in question is a guy she once dated, she REALLY wants to refuse.

But when her former date, Paul Kowalski tries to kill her, she changes her tune to “Hell, yes!”

Maggie and Patrick grow closer as they scramble to figure out what it is that Kowalski is looking for and what it has to do with her prison escapee father.

Maggie’s search is hampered by the presence of US Marshals hunting her father and her crazier-than-usual family.

Along with her snarky talking lizard, grammatically-challenged Doberman, and a pissy cat, she races to solve the mystery and protect her family. But nothing in Maggie’s life ever goes as planned….

Genre: Mystery, Cozy, Humor, Animals



Image of JB LynnAbout the author:

When a fan told her that she's a "fabulous author", a "great sport", and a "very cool chick", JB Lynn immediately thought, "that's what I want my obituary to say!".

A Jersey Girl transplanted to the Sunshine State, JB (you can call her Jen) writes laugh-out-loud suspense and mysteries, along with goosebump-raising thrillers.

She also guzzles coffee, spoils her dog, wastes endless hours daydreaming, and does her best to be a "cool chick" (but if you ever see her running, swimming, or biking, you'll know how dismally she fails).
Find out more about JB and her books at

Death Takes A Ride

  • Series: The Cate Kinkaid Files (Book 3)
  • Paperback: 336 pages
  • Publisher: Revell (July 1, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0800721608
  • ISBN-13: 978-0800721602

Cate Kinkaid arrives at H&B Classic Auto Restorations to give a friend a ride. But, as usual, trouble finds Cate even there--this time in the form of one dead man, one wounded man, and what appears to be a pretty obvious case of self-defense. Owner Matt Halliday wants to hire her, but not for this case. Instead, Cate is charged with finding a man who owns a particular motorcycle Matt would like to buy. As her search progresses, she begins to suspect that the shooting in Matt's office may not have been as cut-and-dried as it appeared.

Bestselling and award-winning author Lorena McCourtney takes readers on another wild ride of mystery in this clever cozy mystery, part of her popular series The Cate Kinkaid Files.

My take on this book:
Cate Kinkaid has a knack for finding a mystery, and with Death Takes a Ride it's no different. She has no idea that she was going to be a witness to a robbery and shooting and the victim just might not make it. To complicate matters Cate is hired to investigate, but here's the deal, she isn't hired to investigate the shooting, instead she is looking for the owner of a particular motorcycle. Of course things rarely are what they seem, and Cate always finds herself up to her eyeballs in a who-dun-it!

I always enjoy a good mystery and this series has certainly provided that. My only complaint was that I figured out the ending early, which was sort of a bummer. That said, I always enjoy the humor that is woven into the Cate Kinkaid Files, and I think Cate's character continues to get stronger with each installment. I love whenever animals are woven into a story and with this one we have a cat and dog! Overall this book is a good clean mystery that isn't so hard to solve, but still is well worth reading for anyone who loves a cozy mystery. 

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Haunting of Maddie Branson by Amanda Stephan


Maddie Branson knew there was something different about her house. It had reached out and touched her in the dark recesses of the night.
Published January 2013

My take on this book:
Maddie Branson's greatest fear is that she will lose her mind just like her mother did! When little things start happening in her house, such as hairbrushes missing, or losing track of time, or hearing the occasional voice she isn't sure whether it is real or not. As if that isn't enough she is often late to work because she continues to lose time,and even though her great aunt owns the company her tardiness is putting her job in jeopardy, something that her supervisor Chris Perse won't let her forget. The one bright spot is the relationship that is developing with her co-worker Jace Bennett. Things go from bad to worse in her house when she starts getting touched, by something she can't see.  Is her house really haunted like some of the locals say, or is something else going on, read the Haunting of Maddie Branson by Amanda Stephan to find out! 

Amanda Stephan provides a page turning, suspense filled read that really sent cold chills down my spine. The things that were going on in Maddie's house were scary, Ms. Stephan's descriptions created the perfect element of spooky fear for me, while blending a sense of realism into the story. The slow revealing of the past, whether it involved the house or Maddie's past kept me on the edge of my seat anticipating what might be revealed next. A page turning plot that kept me guessing, not only with the strange occurrences with the house but with relationships as well. The character development is top notch, one more than one occasion I thought I was certain who was behind what might be going on and then bam the author would plant a bombshell that had me rethinking what I thought I knew. While the author wraps up the ending quite nicely, I became so involved in the story that I would love to see a sequel just to find out what really happened with the house!

I love haunted house stories, and The Haunting of Maddie Branson delivered that in spades,a story that sent chills down my spine, creepy for certain, but there are also spiritual threads running thru it as well, which add another layer to the plot. Anyone who enjoys a scary, suspense filled read will love The Haunting of Maddie Branson, I know I did!

Reviewed for

The Colony Cat Caper ~ A Klepto Cat Mystery by Patricia Fry

  • File Size: 1745 KB
  • Print Length: 186 pages
  • Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
  • Publisher: Matilija Press (June 3, 2014)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00KR10GYW

 June 3, 2014

Savannah Ivey, a veterinarian out on maternity leave; her aunt Margaret, the founder of the Hammond Cat Alliance; and Colbi Stanton, a reporter for the local newspaper take on a cat colony at an old, abandoned building. Odd activity around the place makes them wonder if it actually is vacant; some believe it’s occupied by something other-worldly. When a stranger comes to town and suggests the Alliance open the old building to a fund-raiser, everyone gets involved, including Rags, Savannah’s kleptomaniac cat. He finds something that day that stirs a lot of people—both law-abiding and crooks—into action. Are the feral cats and their caretakers in serious danger? What (or who) lurks inside the old building? What secrets does it hide? And who has the key that unlocks the mystery?

My take on this book:
Another great mystery awaits readers in the latest installment of the Klepto Cat Mystery series by Patricia Fry. The Hammond Cat Alliance wants to do something about the feral cat colonies in the area and decide to set up teams to "adopt' the colonies so that the cats can be fed and vetted. Margaret, Colbi and Savannah decide to volunteer to take care of a feral colony out at the old Fischer building an abandoned warehouse that has been rumored to be haunted. Right off the bat Colbi sees something in one of the windows that she can't explain, but that doesn't stop the gang from trying to take care of the cats by catching neutering and releasing them. Thing is someone is sabotaging their work, by turning the cats loose as soon as they are caught. When they get a call from a woman who offers to help the Cat Alliance with a fundraising idea by having a flea market in the old building it sounds like a good idea, that is until Rags finds something in the building that ties to an old crime. Soon Savannah and the gang find themselves in the middle of a crime investigation, one that just might turn deadly! 

Each time I pick up a new book in the Klepto Cat Mystery series I feel like I am catching up with old friends, while meeting a few new ones! I have watched as the characters have grown and changed as each story progressed. The romance that was developing between Colbi and Damon in a previous book continues to grow, and I am anxious to see where the author takes it with the next book in the series. Savannah is just weeks from giving birth and of course Rags the Klepto Cat is the star of the story. A pawsativly page turning mystery that was filled with plenty of twists and turns kept me guessing right up till the end, and I must say the twist at the end was surprising, and very well done!  While I enjoyed the mystery Ms. Fry provides with each story I think the characters, family, friendships, and love of animals makes this one of my favorite series to read. Cat lovers are sure to love this entire series, but honestly anyone who enjoys a clean, well written cozy mystery that blends suspense, mystery,romance together with a page turning plot will find The Colony Cat Caper a purfect read. I have read each book in the series and highly recommend each one! My only complaint is that I have to wait for book six!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

God's Word For Gardeners Bible

  • Hardcover: 1568 pages
  • Publisher: Zondervan; Special edition (March 25, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0310441137
  • ISBN-13: 978-0310441137

God will meet you personally in your garden . . . and in his. Throughout the Scriptures God has revealed spiritual truth in the language of growing things. This Bible will take you into a deeper relationship with God through the contemplation of soil and soul. The NIV God’s Word for Gardeners Bible will inspire you to seek God in a personal way through informative essays, devotional readings and prayers that explore the nature of the gardener’s work, the rewards of gardening, the influence of seasons and weather, and the joy of the harvest. In this Bible you will also find botanical-themed pages containing horticultural information for the prominent plants noted in Scripture and landscape-themed pages highlighting the main gardens and regions in which the events in the Bible took place. Draw near to the One whose garden is planted with delight—in you!
  • 260 daily devotions and 52 weekend readings arranged in weekly themes and placed near relevant passages in the text to explore the biblical metaphors of gardens and gardening
  • Beautiful, durable hardcover
  • Topical Index (for 52 weeks)
  • Special sections on the Garden of Eden, the garden of Gethsemane and Jesus the Vine.
My take on this book:
This Bible is certainly lovely to look at, but it's whats inside that makes it a real winner in my book! First I love the cover it is so appealing and the colors used inside are soothing. One of the first things I always look for is a presentation page and this Bible has one. The NIV is one of my favorite translations, but what really stood out for me was that I felt like I was getting a devotional and Bible in one. There are 260 daily and 52 weekend readings arranged in weekly themes which are placed near relevant passages in the Bible. There are special sections on the Garden of Eden, Jesus' Last Supper teaching on the vine, and the Book of Revelations's urban gardens, which are topics I hadn't read about before. Along with this there is a topical index with is focused on garden -interest topics. The font is an easy to read size, but the Bible overall isn't to big or bulky. Overall, I think this Bible would make a great gift, especially for someone who enjoys gardening, but really for anyone looking for a pretty Bible for that special someone.

A complimentary copy of this Bible was provided for review.