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Mollie ~ Bride of Georgia ~ Lorrie Farrelly

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  • MOLLIE: BRIDE OF GEORGIA is fourth in the unprecedented 50-book AMERICAN MAIL-ORDER BRIDES series. Set in the last decade of the 19th century, MOLLIE is a story of courage and hope as a young woman, answering an advertisement for a mail-order bride, confronts an unknown and very challenging future. 

    Years of brutal warfare have left the South with far more women than men. What, Mollie Winters worries, could be so wrong with Dr. Nicholas Avinger that he was forced to advertise for a wife? 

    Despite her misgivings, Mollie takes a desperate leap of faith. Arriving in Atlanta with little more than a few pieces of clothing, two pairs of shoes, and the manuscript of her wildly melodramatic, romantic adventure novel, she prepares to start a new life with the attractive but irascible Dr. Avinger. 

    A haunted man who prefers animals to people, Nick Avinger has driven away more than one assistant, as well as his latest fiancée. Mollie Winters might just fill both bills, if only he didn’t want her so much. And if only he didn’t fear how much he would hurt her. 

    This unforgettable novel by the award-winning author of TERMS OF SURRENDER and TIMELAPSE is the emotional and riveting story of the healing power of love. 
My take on this book:
Mollie: Bride Of Georgia by Lorrie Farrelly is a wonderfully written mail order bride tale that takes place a few years after the civil war in Georgia.Mollie Winters responds to an ad placed in the Groom's Gazette and when she receives a response and a train ticket she heads to Atlanta to become a mail order bride. Nicholas Avinger is at the Atlanta train station to pick up supplies for the zoo when he meets Mollie and learns that she is there to become his mail order bride, a bride that he knew nothing about! Mollie takes it in stride and rents a room at the local boarding house, but when she shows up at the zoo where Nick works he realizes that he needs her help and more than that he feels an attraction to her. 

Loved this book! As someone who reads plenty of mail order bride genre stories Mollie: Bride of Georgia was an exceptional read, and the reason I say this is because the author not only provides a heart touching story between the two main characters she also provides snippets of humor, while also providing more than a few twists to a very interesting plot. The historical aspects were very interesting from the coming together of a zoo, to the diligent rules of pasteurization, and the effects of PTSD  it was really easy to see that the author had done her research, which made for a very readable, and relatable story.    Lorrie Farrelly creates a very interesting storyline around the main characters. First of all I fell in love with the strength of Mollie. When she realizes that her intended groom wasn't even expecting her she didn't swoon or wilt instead she rented a room and proceeded to try and sell her book.  It didn't take long for Nick to realize just how different that Mollie was either! Nick on the other hand was haunted by issues from the war. Ms. Farrelly handles the subject of PTSD very well, allowing the reader to understand how not all scars from war are shown on the outside! The fear that he could hurt someone he loved was devastating to him and pushing them away was his only answer. Mollie had other ideas though.  Plenty of secondary characters really round out the story quite nicely. Fans of the mail order bride genre will find this book a top notch read, but honestly it will appeal to anyone who enjoys historical fiction with a page turning plot that deals with the very real issue of how war affects the soldier long after he comes home. 

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  1. Many, many thanks, Brenda! I'm so glad you enjoyed MOLLIE! I truly appreciate the time you took to read the story and to write such insightful comments. I felt honored to be asked to write one of the 50 American Mail-Order Brides novels and to be in the company of such outstanding authors as Cheryl Pierson, Katherine Rice Adams, Kristy McCaffrey, Peggy L. Henderson, Lily Graison, Caroline Clemmons, Patricia Carroll, Kristen Osbourne, Susan Horsnell, Jacquie Rogers, and many more. There is such variety and joy in this series of novels, and I believe your readers will enjoy all the books just as much as I hope they enjoy MOLLIE!

    Again, my sincere thanks!


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