Sunday, March 15, 2015

Holman Rainbow Study Bible ~KJV Edition

  • Imitation Leather: 1632 pages
  • Publisher: Holman Bible Publishers; Box Lea edition (October 1, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1586409123
  • ISBN-13: 978-1586409128

The Holman Rainbow Study Bible: KJV Edition has a unique color-coding system that allows readers to identify quickly and easily twelve major themes of Scripture throughout the text: God, discipleship, love, faith, sin, evil, salvation, family, outreach, commandments, history, and prophecy. The system also underlines all words directly spoken b God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Other features of this Bible include 12 pages of color maps with index, a Bible reading calendar, concordance, subject guide, Table of Weights and Measures, "Know What God Says," "100 Popular Passages," and "365 Popular Bible Quotations for Memorization and Meditation."

My take on this Study Bible:
The Rainbow Study Bible provides a unique color coded system that makes it easy to follow certain themes through the Bible. I am reviewing the Mantova Brown Leather Touch edition and let me say it feels oh so soft to the fingers and hands.There is a nice presentation page included inside and the font is The Bold Line Edition which makes it easy to see. My one concern was that the  print might blend a bit into the color coded background but that isn't the case at all instead the sharp font allows for smooth reading, because it stands out well. Another neat feature is the words of God ( including the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit) are distinguished with bold underlining which really allows them to pop off the pages! A few of the features are book introductions and outlines, center column references, sectional headings, in-text color maps a subject guide, and concordance. Supplemental study aids include a table of weights and measures, ancient versions of Biblical text , know what the God says, 100 popular Bible passages, a one year daily Bible reading calendar, 365 popular Bible quotations for memorization and meditation, a harmony of the gospels along with several blank pages for personal study notes. While these features are quite helpful it's the color coding system that really makes this Bible a joy to use. The twelve major themes are:
1. Discipleship
11. Sin
12 History
Because the color-code key is spread across the bottom of each two page text spread it's easy to use and understand. The Holman Rainbow Study Bible is one of my go to Bibles whenever I am doing Bible study, and several friends have commented on the colorful pages when I have used it in church. One a scale of one to five I would easily give this Bible a solid six because the color coding system ties the Bible together in a way that makes it easy to follow a subject from beginning to end! Easy to use it has become my favorite Bible to use and take to church.

A complimentary copy of this Bible was provided for review.

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