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Sleight of Paw ~ A Klepto Cat Mystery by Patricia Fry

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 January 24, 2014

Michael Ivey, the local veterinarian and Savannah’s new husband is attacked by an enraged client and then later accused of this man’s murder. The evidence quickly stacks up against Michael, until Rags, Savannah’s kleptomaniac cat, starts digging up clues implicating the unlikely suspect. 
Coinciding with the details of this challenge is the discovery that the old house, which the couple purchased from Savannah’s aunt, is cursed. Is this why the couple has not been blessed with a child?
Savannah’s sister Brianna comes for a visit. She teams up with the Iveys’ vet tech, Bud, to discover how to break the gypsy spell and they fall hard for each other. Will their courtship be strengthened or weakened by a frightening carjacking incident?
Detective Craig Sledge is prominent in this story as the lead investigator in the murder case. As usual, he engages in some creative tactics to get the information and the confessions he’s after. He has also become embedded in Savannah’s friend, Iris’s family. He’s dating Iris and helping with her son, Damon’s rehabilitation in prison.

My take on this book:
Sleight of Paw is the third book in the Klepto Cat Mystery series and with this one we will catch up with characters from the previous books, but we will also meet a few new ones as well. Our favorite veterinarians, Savannah and Michael are back once again.They are now married 
 and they are hoping to have a child. They are working on renovating the Forster mansion,well I should say Michael is working on the renovations, but when Rags finds something in the walls well it leads to another find that points to a gypsy curse, but could that be? Added to that Michael loses a doggie patient, and the owner becomes irate, and when that owner winds up dead at the clinic well Michael becomes the prime suspect. Savannah's sister comes for a visit and just might find true love of her own.

The author easily pulls me in every time with her well written mysteries that blends characters,storylines, and of course our four legged friends that we have come to love in the previous books in this series to make for a page turning read that is satisfying from beginning to end. Several secondary characters keep the plot from slowing down, I found the story that developed with Brianna and Bud added another layer, and gave us a new romance to root for!   Not only do I recommend Sleight of Paw but the entire Klepto Cat Mystery series. Anyone who enjoys a good mystery that has a cozy feel, with interesting well developed characters and a clean storyline  that provides more than a few twists, and a few laughs to boot will find themselves purring with delight as they read Sleight of Paw.

Book One: Catnapped ~ Read my review here.

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 November 30, 2013

When Savannah Jordan agrees to help her aunt while she recovers from a broken foot, she doesn’t expect to walk into a mystery, become part of a not-quite-legal surveillance team, be kidnapped by a deranged stranger and meet a steaming hot veterinarian. Beloved neighborhood cats are missing—the community can only guess at their fate—and Aunt Margaret’s life is being threatened. Is it because she has a clue to the missing cats or is it something more sinister?

If you like light mysteries with only a little terror, if you’re infatuated by interesting cats and if you love a love story, you must read this book.

Book Two ~ Cat-Eye Witness Purchase a copy here.

          October 7, 2013
Savannah and Aunt Margaret open the old Forster home to the Hammond Cat Alliance for a fundraiser to help rehabilitate the abused horses rescued months earlier from the catnappers. Before the afternoon is over, the collected funds go missing and someone is murdered in an upstairs bedroom.
Suspicion surrounds Iris, a local waitress and Savannah’s new best friend. The only witness to the murder is Rags, Savannah’s cat. With the assistance of a cat psychic and Rags’s good friend, Charlotte (the young girl with Downs), the cat helps to “paw” the killer…but not before an attempt is made on Rags’s life. The case is solved only after Rags comes face-to-face with the killer for the second time.
Detective Craig Sledge is new to this book, as is Damon, Iris’s errant son. Sledge finds this to be one of the muddiest cases he has ever worked, with inconsistent clues and no apparent motive. He’s constantly surprised, perplexed and impressed by the cat’s uncanny ability to come up with clues he has missed. His fascination with the attractive Iris Clampton also mystifies the detective.
In this story, one of the rescued horses goes into labor and there’s a night of high drama at the ole corral as veterinarians Savannah and Michael work to save the foal. This experience renews Savannah’s deep interest in horses and riding, which ultimately serves to help her bond with a very important surprise character who finds his way into her life and Michael’s just as they prepare to say their wedding vows.
While Rags is the animal star, he isn’t the only animal featured in this story. Layla is back in all of her tangerine beauty. And Rags makes friends with Buffy, a perky almost Himalayan and the inseparable duo, Walter, an all black cat and his sidekick, Lexie, a charming afghan mix. Savannah’s new ride, Peaches, also debuts in this story. An incident with this mare adds another dimension to Savannah’s and Michael’s relationship. Can he hold her with open arms? 
Some say this is a love story with a mystery in the background. And it’s a story of family and friendship as newlyweds Margaret and Max continue to be a meaningful part of Savannah’s and Michael’s world.
Read my review here.                                                            


  1. Are there only three books in this seris, I really want to make sure that I get them all and read them in order. Thank you for helping me find books that I like to read.

    1. Thanks for dropping by, sorry I didn't check my messages yesterday, yes there are only three books in the series and the order is 1. Catnapped, 2.Cat Eye Witness and 3. Sleight-of-Paw. It's such a fantastic series I hope you enjoy it and drop by and share your opinion when you finish reading it.

  2. Do you think there will be another book in this series, one can hope because it is often hard to find good books that have good animal subjects.

    1. Treacy, thanks for dropping by and commenting. I hope there will be future books, maybe the author will drop by and chime in with an answer. Have a wonderful week.


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