Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Relic by Steven Whibley ~ The Dean Curse Chronicles ~ review

Imagine touching someone and then being allowed a glimpse of them dying twenty four hours before their death takes place. Fourteen year old Dean Curse finds himself with this unsettling gift after being chosen to become a member of a secret society that he really knows little about. Whenever he gets a glimpse it then becomes a race against time for Dean and his two best friends Colin and Lisa to thwart death thereby altering the course of fate!  With "Relic" Dean finds himself having a vision about a museum robbery where a monk and a security guard will die. As he and his friends try to save two lives they find themselves getting involved in something that just might be more than they can accomplish!

"Relic" is the second installment in The Dean Curse Chronicles and it is just as well written as the first. A series that is certain to appeal to teens and tweens alike, but I must say this adult really enjoys the fast paced edge of your seat writing style that Steven Whibley is able to accomplish with apparent ease! Descriptive writing really allows this story to come to life. I just couldn't get some of the scenes out of my head,such as the toothbrush welding homeless man, who seemed to adopt a bike.and the paint ball fights that were so realistic the author makes the reader feel like they are right there.  It's that kind of imaginative writing that really grabbed me and pulled me along!  With suspense one minute and then a humorous scene in the next I was never bored and couldn't help but wonder where the author would take me next! The mysterious Mr. Astley allowed us to learn more about the Secret Society that Dean finds himself a part of. In addition to saving lives we also glimpse the realistic feelings that Lisa and Dean have concerning the weight of the gift that Dean has been bestowed with. I think its fantastic that the author portrays a positive relationship between Dean and his parents. The sibling relationship between Dean and his sister Becky I have to believe that Mr. Whibley must have a sister of his own! "Relic" by Steven Whibley is a fast paced, page turner that is filled with fun, adventure, and friendships that grabs the readers imagination and leaves them anxiously waiting for the next adventure in The Dean Curse Chronicles!

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