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Cross The Ocean by Holly Bush~ review

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1871 . . . Worlds collide when American Suffragist, Gertrude Finch, and titled Brit Blake Sanders meet in an explosive encounter that may forever bind them together. Gertrude Finch escorts a young relative to London and encounters the stuffy Duke of Wexford at his worst. Cross the Ocean is the story of an undesired, yet undeniable attraction that takes Blake and Gertrude across an ocean and into each other’s arms.

My take on this book:
Holly Bush has become on of my favorite historical fiction writers. She hooked me with "Romancing Olive" and "Train Station Bride" and now she has created another winner with "Cross The Ocean."  

The story takes place in 1871. The Duke of Wexford Blake Sanders is more than a bit surprised that his wife Ann the mother of his three children basically dumps him after seventeen years of marriage. Basically though she was tired of his inattention and philandering ways. Looking to commiserate his misery he visits his best friend Anthony and his wife. Instead of finding sympathy though he finds Gertrude Finch a 32 year old spinster  cousin visiting from the United States. Gertrude quickly gets on Blake's last nerve with her outspoken manner and talk of women's suffrage, and Gertrude is none to fond of Blake and his pompous ways. The tension is electric between the two,and one kiss sets off all sorts of feelings. Feelings that neither are really willing to admit even to themselves. Gertrude decides the only thing to do is go home to America. Will an Ocean between them be able to extinguish the flame that has sparked between them?

Holly Bush has an amazing ability to create heroine's that are far from typical. They aren't always the prettiest women in the story, and often considered spinsterish and I think that's what I love about them, I sort of just imagine them as everyday women. Gertrude Finch was a no-nonsense kind of woman, she was outspoken, a no nonsense kind of person who at the age of 32 had sort of given up hope of ever finding true love but that didn't keep her from dreaming. It was so easy to imagine her character. She was no simpering female, often outspoken, some of the things that popped out of her mouth was laugh out loud funny. I  wasn't sure if I was going to like Blake, but his development was interesting to watch and by the end of the story I really loved him. Ms. Bush does a fantastic job of allowing not only the characters but the story itself to jump off the pages. I really felt as if I had stepped back in time for a bit. A few twists and the secondary characters kept the plot zipping right along, and while there was one sexual situation in the story it was tastefully done, and really was an important part of the story. If you enjoy historical romantic fiction this one is well worth reading. If you haven't read anything by Holly Bush what are you waiting for? Her writing is a treat to read and her characters truly stay with you long after you finish the final page! 


  1. Thank you so very much for the kind words Brenda! I'm so glad you liked Cross the Ocean. It makes me laugh to read what you said about Blake being hard to like at first. I wrote this book years ago and when I got it out last winter to edit and get ready to publish, I remember reading along and thinking, 'boy, Blake is being a jerk.' But if everything's perfect in the first chapter, it's going to be a short book! Hope your followers enjoy and I'll stop back if anyone has any questions. Holly

  2. Great review! I've got to get this one.

  3. JoyAnne, You should really read all of Holly's books. She always creates unlikely heroines and with this one Gertrude was fantastic! She was funny and tough, but she also had a bit of baggage that she was carrying from the past that totally added another layer to her character.


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