Monday, October 8, 2012

Against My Will by Benjamin Berkley~ review

  • Paperback: 271 pages
  • Publisher: Frederick Fell Publishers, Inc. (September 1, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0883912791
  • ISBN-13: 978-0883912799

September 1, 2012
Danielle Landau knows she should feel lucky, but she can't feel anything but dread. Not only did she pass the New York Bar, but she married the man her father says is just right for her and lives in a fashionable new loft in Queens. But the man who seems like the perfect catch is a perfect nightmare at home. Jacob tries to control her career, her daily routine, and even what she eats. He ignores her desires and belittles her every chance he gets. Soon, Danielle doesn't recognize her husband or herself, and she struggles to find a way out.

As we follow Danielle on her journey of terror and recovery, we see her story intersect with the diary entries of a young girl from more than fifty years ago, and the full weight of the family's secrets becomes clear. This is a story of survival, self-discovery, justice, and ultimately about love.

My take on this book:

Danielle Landau is twenty-nine, and just reached her goal of passing the New York Bar Exam. Thing is her father thinks as a twenty-nine year old Jewish girl she should be married, but really that's the last thing she really wants to do. When her father introduces her to Jacob Liebowitz she really isn't interested in him, but her father thinks he would be the perfect catch for her, so after dating a while she agrees to marry him, but Jacob becomes a controlling, vile person and the only solace Danielle finds is in her job. She goes to her father, but he just tells her to go back home to her husband, but after an unspeakable act occurs she knows she has to get away. Will she ever be able to break free of Jacob, and find happiness?

"Against My Will" deals with a tough subject that many will relate to. Danielle was such a strong, independent, person, I was actually a bit surprised that she married Jacob, although I could understand that she really did it to please her father. It was hard to see this vibrant young lady fall prey to Jacob's abuse, but we also see her regain her strength and become the person she was meant to be. She was able to move forward with her life and even get a chance at love.I found the diary entries of Rose to be quite interesting,and honestly it took me a while to figure out that Rose was actually Danielle's Nana, which made the story so much more poignant. Overall, a compelling read that allows us to see a victim reclaim her life.



  1. HI Brenda,
    Thanks for the very kind review. If any of your readers would like to chat, I am available all day today. Best, Ben Berkley

  2. Thanks for taking part in the tour. I'm glad you enjoyed the book!

  3. Ben, what an interesting story,sounds like you handled the subject of domestic violence very well, what made you decide to write about such a difficult subject?


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