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Peace and Plenty by Sarah Ban Breathnach ~review

Peace and Plenty: Finding Your Path to Financial SerenityProduct Description from

"When money is plentiful, this is a man's world. When money is scarce, it is a woman's world." Unearthed in a 1932 Ladies Home Journal, this quote is the call to arms that begins PEACE AND PLENTY, Sarah Ban Breathnach's answer to the world's-- and her own personal-- financial crisis. As only Ban Breathnach can, she culls together this compendium of advice, deeply personal anecdotes, and excerpts from magazines, books, and newspapers-- particularly those of the Great Depression-- to inspire readers who are mired in today's financial difficulties.

Focusing on her own personal path, Sarah Ban Breathnach will relate never-before revealed details about how she fell from the financial top to the bottom. Readers will immediately see how deeply she understands the plight of those trying to maintain a happy and comfortable home, while at the same time not even knowing if they will be able to make the mortgage to keep that home.

Sarah has proved to be the voice of comfort for years to women who are spiritually bankrupt, and now she will reach to those who are financially strapped, showing them how to pull themselves out of their psychic and fiscal crises while providing deep comfort and reassurance throughout.
My take on this book:
In "Peace and Plenty" the author really sheds some light on a few truths about money, such as how women relate to money, and how it can effect relationships. She is writing from a place of having been there. She tells of one minute being a freelance writer without a comma in her checking account, and the next being a millionaire after her book Simple Abundance became a hit. Sadly for her she lost it, she fell back down the financial ladder and had no money. With this book, she teaches and inspires us to take control over our money, so that we can start our journey to financial peace and security.
I think that the topic of money is one of the most difficult topics to discuss, and for the author to share her financial downfalls, for the world to read, and judge must have taken great courage. I commend her, because in doing so, she is helping so many others, avoid some of the mistakes she made, with simple down to earth advice, that will help us all live a life of "Peace and Plenty!"

rating 4/5

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Brenda, Thanks for bringing this book to my attention, I read her first book but didn't realize she had a new book out. Will definatly be buying it!

  2. Ann,
    Thanks for dropping by. I haven't read her first book, but I am going to purchase it. Who couldn't use a bit of advice when it comes to money, especially with todays economy!


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