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The Dumpster by Becky Due ~ Pump Up Your Book Tour and giveaway

Product Description

Nicole, a cute, chubby, twenty-something woman, is looking for love in all the wrong places. Who would have guessed that a dumpster in the back alley below her bedroom window would hold the key to finding love?

My take on this book:

Nicole is a young lady who was self esteem issues. Her professional life as a banker seems to be going well, but her personal life well its in the dumpster!She wants a kind caring man who is willing to go the distance with her but because she is self conscious about her weight the steady stream of losers men in her life has been less than ideal.When she hosts a Valentine's day party so that everyone can meet her newest boyfriend Tom, someone she has dated for two weeks! He shows up for the party all right, but instead of staying he hands her a dvd player and tells her to watch it, he breaks up with her via  dvd, the creep!

The management of the building has placed a dumpster under her bedroom window, and actually it comes in pretty handy, she can just open up her window and pitch out whatever she is purging from her life. In the beginning she complains about the dumpster, but actually the dumpster leads her to someone that might just turn out to be her forever love!

A great story, the author captures the essence of the character perfectly. It is easy to imagine Nicole at the stage of life she is in. Her insecurities about herself are so easy for women to relate too. The message about choosing, was resounding. I think we all often get stuck in a rut, but a few positive changes can totally change our outlook. The relationship between her parents was quite interesting as well. I applaud the fact that they decided to stay together and work it out. Her friends are very funny, and also very quirky. This book was a funtastic read,I loved how it opened up on Valentines day,  and my only complaint was that it had to end!

I would caution that there are a couple of sex scenes, but nothing overdone, I wasn't bothered at all. If your looking for a book that's going to make you laugh out loud, pick up this story your not going to regret it!

About the author:

Becky Due is becoming the new voice of women’s fiction. She has the courage, honesty and writing style for today’s busy women, and she does not cringe away from hard issues. She will leave you feeling strong, self-confident, independent, and in control of your life.

She has a way of sucking you into the story and changing your life with her fast-paced novels you won’t want to put down. Her novels are not the same story with different characters; she has a unique ability to cross every genre from light-hearted romance to heart-racing suspense to keep her readers entertained and inspired. This talented, intelligent writer is quickly becoming women’s favorite new author.

Her books have been finalists in several independent competitions including the 2010 National Indie Excellence Awards and the 2009 IPPY Awards.

Becky Due, like the main characters of her novels, spent many years running from her life, looking for love, crying a little and laughing a lot along the journey of finding herself. Through writing, she found her passion and is currently working on her next novel.

Happily married she and Scott live in Colorado, Florida and Alberta, Canada with their two “kids” Buddy the Cat and Shorty the Pug.

Becky’s latest book a contemporary romance titled The Dumpster: One Woman’s Search for Love.

Visit Becky Due on the web at http://www.beckydue.com/.

Becky is giving away a free Kindle!!! ($139 value)!

Here are the details:

1. Buy one of her novels (The Dumpster, Returning Injury, Touchable Love, The Gentlemen’s Club) and read it.
2. Post your review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and your Facebook or Blog page by February 28, 2011 (That’s one review–posted three times)

3. Contact Becky with a note that you have posted your review (3 times) by February 28, 2011
*Must contact Becky through her website http://www.beckydue.com, click on Contact Becky Due on the left sidebar. Your note to her must include the name you put on the review, the date of the review and links so she can read the posted review.
Her favorite review wins a (the newer, $139) Kindle. Wait…there’s more! If she has 3 favorites, she’ll give away 3 Kindles!
Remember – deadline is February 28, 2011. Hurry over to Amazon, pick up one of her books, read it, post the review and contact her!
Good luck!


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