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An Amish Love ~ review

An Amish Love: Healing Hearts/What the Heart Sees/A Marriage of the Heart (Inspirational Amish Anthology
Synopsis from Goodreads:

Two of today's most popular genres--Romance and Amish fiction--together in one volume.
"Healing Hearts" by Beth Wiseman: Levina Lapp and her husband Naaman are alone for the first time in 30 years. When Naaman left to visit cousins in Ohio, Levina wasn't expecting him to be gone a year. Now that he's back, will they be able to move beyond this estrangement and fall in love again?

"What the Heart Sees" by Kathleen Fuller: A tragic accident rocks a peaceful Amish community, leaving Ellie Chupp blinded and Christopher Bender's future shattered. But they find love and forgiveness in a place they least expect.

"A Marriage of the Heart" by Kelly Long: Rachel Yoder is tired of her Amish lifestyle and her domineering father's ways. When handsome Joseph Lambert comes back from the Englisch, she lies to force a marriage of convenience, providing the perfect means to escape her father's rule. But Rachel never imagined she'd fall in love with Joseph so quickly or irrevocably.

My take on this book:
I read alot of Amish fiction, so when this book became available I jumped at the chance to review it. I am familiar with two of the authors, Kelly Long and Kathleen Fuller, but hadn't had the chance to read anything by Beth Wiseman, and I must say I believe she is going to be added to my list of favorite Amish storytellers!

A Marriage of the Heart by Kelly Long is the story of Abigail and Joseph. Abigail tells a lie, that results in her father forcing her to marry Joseph. She thought the marriage was a way out of her fathers house, but she soon learns differently, when Joseph decides to stay on the farm with her father. What a sweet story this one was, Joseph was such a gentleman, this probably was my favorite story out of the three.

What the Heart Sees by Kathleen Fuller is the story of Ellie Chupp and Christopher Miller. Ellie was in an accident five years ago that caused her to lose her site, but she doesn't let that hold her back, even running her own business making jam. Christopher Miller has just come home to Paradise after living in the English community for awhile. He left when his fiance was killed in an accident, the same accident where Ellie lost her vision.  Ellie decides to help Chris find forgiveness for the cousin who caused the accident,as feeling develop between Chris and Ellie, will the memories of the accident keep them apart?

Healing Hearts by Beth Wiseman is the story of Levina and Naaman Lapp. Married for thirty one years when Naaman abruptly leaves home to visit a cousin and stays gone for eleven months. When he comes home he wants to work to heal their marriage. Can he regain the trust and respect of Levina and his family?

I found myself easily drawn into each story, and enjoyed the fact that the female protagonists in each story are strong women. Each story is heartwarming, and has a great christian message woven in. There is a handy glossary for the Amish words used in the book, a reading guide and amish recipes round out the book.

These three stories are quick easy reads, and whet your appetites for more from these authors.If you have never read any of these authors before this book is the perfect way to sample their works.

rating 4.5/5
I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksneeze in exchange for an honest review.

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