Thursday, December 16, 2010

Murder In Plain Sight by Marta Perry ~ review

Murder in Plain Sight (Hqn)Product Description

Did a sweet-faced Amish teenager brutally murder a young woman? To save her career, big-city lawyer Jessica Langdon is determined to defend him—against the community's bitter and even violent outrage. Yet without an understanding of Amish culture, Jessica must rely on arrogant businessman Trey Morgan, who has ties to the Amish community… and believes in the boy's guilt.

Jessica has threats coming from all sides: a local fanatic, stirred up by the biased publicity of the case; the dead girl's boyfriend; even from the person she's learned to trust the most, Trey Morgan. But just when Jessica fears she's placed her trust in the wrong man, Trey saves her life. And now they must both reach into a dangerous past to protect everyone's future—including their own.

My take on this book:
Jessica Langdon a junior associate in her law firm, knows her job is hanging by a thread. When she is called into the office of one of the senior partners, she thinks she is about to be fired, instead he tells her she has been requested to handle a case in which an Amish boy has been accused of murder. The Morgan family, specifically Geneva Morgan, is funding the case, while most of the community believes Thomas Esch is guilty, Geneva believes in his innocence. Trey Morgan, Geneva's son doesn't want his mother involved, he is still suffering from his fathers suicide and is very protective of his mother. Jessica is determined to do her job, and when she starts receiving threats, Trey feels obligated to protect her as well. Feelings start to develop between Jessica and Trey,but they cant let that get in the way of the case.Can Trey protect his mother and Jessica,  and how far will the the person go to get Jessica off the case? Will she find the answers she needs to prove Thomas is innocent?
Amish murder mysteries are one of my favorite genre's to read, and boy did Ms. Perry deliver with this one. She keeps the reader in suspense trying to figure out who might be threatening Jessica, and with some clues early on, it was easy to decide that Thomas wasn't a killer, but figuring out who was well, that wasn't so easy.Ms. Perry has an uncanny way of drawing you into the story so completely that you feel as if you are actually a part of the story.Jessica was a very likable character, with her background, you really want her to find a place to belong a sense of family, something she doesn't have with her father.The romance that develops between the couple unfolds slowly, which seems very realistic. It was also great to read a bit about the Amish culture, and how they might have dealt with the murder issue had Geneva not stepped in and hired legal representation.
The ending left several unanswered questions that makes me anxious for the next book in the series, Vanish in Plain Sight, available Spring 2011.
Thanks to Netgalley for providing me a copy of this book for review.

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