Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Falling Away by T.L.Hines (review)

The Falling Away Product Description

He's been running from his calling, his troubles, and his demons. His demons just caught up.
He has a unique name...and a unique problem.
A member of Montana's Crow Tribe, he is called Dylan Runs Ahead. But that name couldn't be more off, because he's spent years running away--from his family, his people, his past...and himself.
Now he's running out of places to run.
He's haunted by his younger sister's disappearance, the recent death of a friend, and his impending sense of being chosen for something of great importance.
But before Dylan can figure out what it really means to be chosen, and whether he's going to embrace the cost of that calling, he's going to have to slow down and face the demons he's been running from. Demons that are all too real...and aren't about to back down.
Enter a world where things aren't quite what they seem...a novel bursting with supernatural suspense, well-crafted characters, and spiritual insights that will defy your expectations and leave you both breathless and hopeful.

My review:
Dylan Runs Ahead has been running all of his life. He ran away from his people to join the army, thinking he could get away from the guilt he felt. He served in Iraq got a terrible leg injury and becomes addicted to pain meds. Involved in a drug deal that goes bad he is on the run again. Running from people that would just as soon see him dead.
While on the run he meets up with Quinn, a Christian who practices embedding, she also claims to have some psychic abilities and tells Dylan that he is chosen, destined for something great. He isn't really surprised to hear this because he has been told this before.
To fulfill his destiny he must face the demons that have been chasing him all his life.
This book was really hard for me to get into, it seemed to jump around quite a bit, and I had to read half of the book before I really felt like I was understanding the story. A few things mentioned in the book were new to me, such as embedding, had to look that up.
Overall the premise of the story was good, but for me it just didn't click, but if you like a book with supernatural elements along with suspense and a christian theme then you may enjoy this book.
I rate it 2.5 stars!
I was provided a copy of this book by booksneeze in return for an honest review.


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