Thursday, August 5, 2010

Review for Missing Mabel by Nancy Mehl

Missing Mabel (Hometown Mysteries)Product Description

Watch the tangled mess a Kansas hairdresser gets herself into when she reports to the funeral home that the body she is to work on is not the same as in her reference photo. Is she being punished when the director accuses her of stealing a diamond ring? Will Hilde Higgins’s former boyfriend help her unravel the issue or only bring more trouble to her life?

My take on this book: Missing Mabel by Nancy Mehl is the first book in  a great new series featuring Hilde Higgins.
Hilde lives in a boarding house in  small town Eden,Kansas where she is a hairdresser for the dearly departed (hey at least these clients wont complain).
When Hilde is assigned to work on the corpse of Mabel Winnemaker she realizes that the corpse isn't Mabel, thru a blunder Hilde had already ummm met Mabel's corpse, so when she is assigned later to do Mabel's hair she realizes right away that the lady isn't Mabel. When she takes her suspicions to the funeral director, he totally refuses to listen and then later even accuses Hilde of trying to steal Mabel's diamond ring. Hilde is determined to get to the bottom of things and figure out just where Mabel really is.
The author gives us a great cast of characters  from the neighbor that runs the second hand store with the mysterious past, to the new love interest in Hilde's life that is a former classmate, as well as the lady who runs the boarding house who loves to mix up strangely concocted teas.
I loved this book, Hilde is such a quirky character, she has an irrational fear of clowns, the color orange, loves to cook with spam and believes that her goldfish can wave at her. She also has a photographic memory that actually helps her solve the case of Mabel.
Throughout this book the author lets us see Hilde's faith and its actually Hilde's christian belief of doing the right thing that spurs her into getting justice for the Mabel.
I loved this book and recommend it to anyone looking for a great mystery that will also give you a few chuckles. I can't wait to read the next in this series!!
Thanks to Netgalley and Barbour publishing for providing me a copy of this E-book for review.


  1. What an interesting book sound just quirky enough to make it an interesting read!


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