Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What I am Reading The Telling By Beverly Lewis

I am reading the Beverly Lewis book The Telling. This is the third and I believe final book in the Seasons of Grace series.I am only a few chapters in but I really think that I have figured out who Letties long lost daughter is. I can't wait to see if Lettie will return home and whether or not her Amish community will put her under the Bann. Also the other big question is whether Grace will give in and allow Yonnie to court her. I think Beverly Lewis is so good at writing these Amish series she has a way of keeping us turning the page right up till the very end.....Thanks to my public library for having this book for me to borrow, even though they only give me 7 days to read it I am sure I will have it done long before then.

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