Monday, April 19, 2010

A New Beginning Blog

Hi I had closed this blog for awhile and have decide to restart it. It will be about my cross stitch books I have read and just a general mishmash of my daily life. I would like to start by writing a review about I book I just read this book was furnished to me by . The book Essentials for Life Your Back To Basics Guide to What Matters Most by Marcia Ford is a great read for anyone struggling with day to day life. If you have ever felt like you are overwhelmed by your life or you just wonder how you can slow down and enjoy life a bit this book is for you. This book is broken down into several mini chapters that can be read in just a few minutes a day, and if you are a bible reader this book could go hand in hand with your daily bible reading because it quotes numerous scriptures thruout. I love the look of the pages the set up is so easy on the eye. When I picked up this book to read I was struggling with the loss of a dear friend and how her life came down to boxes. Boxes of her worldly possessions stacked up in a corner, things she loved in boxes. But this book made me realize that life isn't about what we leave behind but how we live our life, as well as the lives we touch around us. I think this book will be something I will refer back to whenever I am struggling or just need a few uplifting verses. I give this book 5 stars and if you get a chance pick it up you won't be dissapointed.

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