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Blind Faith: The Gauntlet Runner Book VI

  • Paperback: 462 pages
  • Publisher: FriesenPress (March 18, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 146028738X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1460287385

Enemies come in many forms, and they are not always what you think. Jacob Murray has learned that lesson, but it haunts him once again. The tides of the war have finally changed and the British are beginning to gain ground over their French adversaries. The French sit within the walled city of Quebec, waiting for their enemy. Jacob and Maggie are still apart, separated by thousands of miles of unfamiliar wilderness. Despite this adversity, they each seek a way to find what remains of their family. Faced with her own challenges, Maggie finds unlikely friendship and assistance from what she believed were her enemies. Following an opportunity to track down her son, she journeys to Quebec City, where she finds a city preparing for a siege from the British army, who are determined to end the war. Jacob faces his own challenges, and finds he is often forced to fight not only his enemies, but also those who should be his allies. Blind Faith tells the story of deserters, a country controlled by the church, and the walled city that holds many secrets."

My take on this book:
Blind Faith by S. Thomas Bailey is the latest installment in The Gauntlet Runner Series and it's a story I couldn't read fast enough because of the many twists and turns that kept me wondering what enemy Jacob and Maggie might face next, and kept me hoping that somehow against all odds that these two might find their way back to each other!

S. Thomas Bailey is a skillful storyteller who has a remarkable way of making me feel like I have been pulled right back in time, it's like I have actually stepped into the pages of the story,watching history come to life.  The imagery of his written word allows me to feel like I am watching the scenes unfold, whether it's sneaking into an Indian camp with Jacob to rescue One Ear or traveling through the wilderness with Maggie as she tries to outrun the enemy it's so easy to imagine each setting.  I think it's the way that Mr. Bailey captures each character's emotions  though that really makes his storytelling remarkable. He makes his characters multi-dimensional,he breathes life into them by allowing me to experience the emotions that they feel, while there is certainly that fight for survival there is also a softer side to the characters, whether it's Jacob longing to reunite with his wife Maggie or wanting to protect his son James, there is a sense of realism that spans time, making Jacob and Maggie along with the secondary characters seem very real. With Blind Faith Jacob finds himself stuck in the middle of the wilderness for the winter , but that doesn't mean that the enemy isn't lurking around, whether it be the French, Indians or even someone who should be a comrade. Maggie on the other hand is determined to find her young son no matter the danger, or where the journey may lead her. Will the Murray family ever be reunited? One things for certain when Maggie finally reaches Quebec City, one can't help but wonder if she will find more than just the son she is looking for. 

Mr. Bailey has certainly lent a richness to a time in history that I really knew little about. I love the way that he alternates the storytelling between Jacob and Maggie by effortlessly transitioning between the two characters. While I love seeing the story unfold through Jacob's eyes it's Maggie's story that really captured my imagination within the pages of Blind Faith. It's so easy to understand the determination that she must feel as she desperately seeks her son. I love that she is a strong determined woman, who really can take care of herself, but also shows compassion for others.  I have read each book in The Gauntlet Runner Series and recommend reading each book  in the order they were written in  so that you can fully understand the complexities of the characters. Anyone looking to learn more about the French and Indian wars will certainly enjoy reading this series. 

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