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The Mystery In The Window ~ Angie Wilson

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When her teacher informs the class that Duchess, the school cat, is missing, Gracie jumps right in on the case. She is used to snooping around, but when she finds a message in the window of an old, abandoned house, she thinks it's a little too freaky. BUT ... they don't call her 'Super Spy' for nothing—she decides she is not going to be scared away. When she finds more mysterious things going on in the old house, can she get anyone to investigate with her?

My take on this book:
The Mystery In The Window by Angie Wilson is the second book in the Gracie's Mysteries--Super Spy Series and I think this book is even better than the first one if that is possible! 

Ten and a half year old Gracie loves nothing more than a good mystery to solve. When she learns that Duchess, the cat who lives at her school,  Brentwood Elementary  has been missing for two days Gracie and her best friend Kenzie  decide that they will figure out where she is. It doesn't take long for the pair to start watching the old creepy, abandoned house across the street from the school. Soon though they get more than they bargained for when they notice a few strange things going on at the house. It appears that someone is trying to discourage their investigation but who? It seems that there is more than one mystery for Gracie the Super spy to solve! Will she find Duchess and can she figure out what's going on in the old abandoned house? 

The Mystery In The Window by Angie Wilson is a very well written story that young and not so young readers will appreciate. Gracie is a fantastic character that young readers will easily relate to. She goes to school and doesn't like to take tests, she doesn't back down when she knows she is right and she is a loyal best friend to Kenzie. She is very observant and inquisitive and that's what makes her so good at solving mysteries.  She comes from a single parent home, but it is obvious that she has a wonderful relationship with her mother. Her mother has recently started dating and Gracie is okay with that.I love that there are several positive messages woven into the story,and the fact that Gracie attends church fits perfectly for the character!   Ms. Wilson provides a realistic story  which provides a couple of mysteries, and enough plot twists to keep it interesting. The illustrations are perfectly paired with the story line, they really allowed me to envision Gracie, and they even put a smile on my face a couple of times. This is is a story where the characters are engaging,and the plot is well written. It's the perfect read for young readers, and while the main character is a girl I think the aspects of the mystery might just appeal to boys as well.  I only hope that Ms. Wilson intends to continue the Gracie Mysteries ~Super Spy Series because I feel like this character has plenty more adventures and mysteries to solve. I highly recommend this series! 

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