Thursday, January 21, 2016

I Hope You Dance ~ Beth Moran

26175697Ruth Henderson has moved back in with her parents--something she swore she would never do, especially not at the age of thirty-three. But in the face of the mountain of debt left by her late partner, and the fact that her teenage daughter, Maggie, is expressing her grief through acts of delinquency, there was really only one option.

Returning to a house Ruth swore never to set foot in again is bad enough. Add to this an estranged father, whirlwind mother, and David--the boy next door who broke her heart--and it is little wonder Ruth can barely make it out of bed.

But then, reunited with her old friend Lois, Ruth is persuaded to go along to a monthly girls' night. Here she meets a bunch of incredible women and for the first time since leaving home at eighteen, Ruth begins to make some genuine friends.

She also has her first ever date--with the charming Dr. Carl Barker. However, after a disastrous dinner, and an upset Maggie still struggling with her father's death, Ruth promises her daughter she won't go out with any other men. A promise she quickly regrets when David, the boy next door, asks her to dance. . .

My take on this book:
I Hope You Dance by Beth Moran really has several life lessons woven into the story that gripped me and wouldn't allow me to stop reading. Imagine if you can that you are 33 years old and have to move back home with your parents, not because you want to but because you really have no choice. That's what happens with Ruth Henderson. Losing her husband puts her in a position where she finds herself virtually penniless, so she does what she has to do and swallows her pride so that she and her daughter can move in with her parents. 

This story deals took me on an emotional journey allowing me to step into the shoes of Ruth. Mending relationships and realizing that sometimes things look quite differently through adult eyes. There were bits of humor as Ruth adjusts to living with her parents. I really enjoyed Maggie and the way she expressed herself.  The small town setting was nice, and several secondary characters really made the story. I found myself hoping for the best where Ruth and David were concerned. A touching story of hope and forgiveness and living life to the fullest.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review.

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  1. Sounds sweet! I'll have to look this one up sometime. :)


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