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Gracie and the Mystery at Darcy's Discount Store by Angie Wilson illustrated by Ashley Teets

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Gracie is ready to begin her summer vacation, but her inquisitive mind takes her on an adventure that lands her in the hospital. Crutches and stitches do not slow her down, but opens up a new opportunity to help the employees at Darcy's solve a mystery. The story takes on a twist when the criminals are caught but merchandise is still disappearing. Gracie has an idea about the thief, but no one believes her. Can she convince the management to check out her lead?

My take on this book:

The Mystery at Darcy's Discount Store (Gracie's Mysteries--Super Spy Series Book 1)introduces readers to ten year old Graceanne Faith (Gracie). She is a ten year old girl who loves to solve mysteries, even going so far as to investigate around her apartment complex every Saturday.While she has been called the nosiest kid in the building she's really just inquisitive. She is looking forward to summer vacation but when one of her ummm investigations causes her to wind up with a sprained ankle it seems she will be spending her summer going to work with her mother at Darcy's Discount Store. When merchandise starts missing from the store it doesn't take Gracie long to  wind up right smack dab in the middle of a mystery.  Can she solve the mystery, but more than that can she convince everyone that she knows who the guilty culprit is? Perhaps a sprained ankle just might lead to the most adventurous summer that Gracie has ever had!

The Mystery at Darcy's Discount Store by Angie Wilson is the first book in the Gracie's Mysteries-Super Spy Series and is truly a delightful read. I really enjoyed the cast of well written characters. Gracie seems like a very down to earth, grounded ten year old that loves and respects her mother. Gracie is sometimes funny, very observant, and and times  seems very mature for her age. She comes from a single parent home and there are glimpses of financial worries, but we also see that her mother intends to further her education in order to provide a better life for Gracie. There are so many positive messages woven into The Mystery at Darcy's Discount Store but it is Gracie's faith in God that certainly made this story a winner in my book!  The illustrations are darling, and certainly allowed me to get a clear picture of Gracie which enhanced the story for me! A smoothly written story where Ms. Wilson provides a bit of a plot twist that will hold the attention of readers as they follow along with Gracie as she tries to solve the mystery. While the author wraps up the story nicely she also provides the promise of a brand new adventure for Gracie. Young and old alike will enjoy reading about Gracie solving the mystery at Darcy's Discount Store.

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