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The Ghost of Stonebridge Lane ~ Roberta Hoffer

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Christian Jones Arnook and his mother travel from Alaska to Indiana to meet a wealthy great-grandfather he never knew existed. A ten-year-old boy full of curiosity, Christian immediately checks out the house and the surrounding area. Spooky events at every turn lead him to one startling conclusion: the estate is haunted and all strange activity seems to start at the old stone bridge. [Book I of The Stonebridge Ghost Tales | Juvenile Fantasy (Rated G) Illustrations by Madison Gaines | Released in 2014 by Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.]

My take on this book:
Ten year old Christian Jones Arnook lives in Alaska with his mother. When a letter arrives asking them to come to Indiana to meet his great-grandfather he can't help but be excited because up to this point he has never been out of Alaska. When he gets to his great grandfather's estate the first thing he thinks is that it is spooky, and after he starts to explore he quickly realizes that there is more going on than meets the eye. When he learns of a family secret that reaches back to the Civil War will he be frightened or will he embrace all that his great-grandfather is willing to share with him? One things for certain this trip will certainly change Christian's life forever!

The Ghost of Stonebridge Lane by Roberta Hoffer is an easy to read chapter book that will certainly appeal to younger readers but I must say I was hooked as well. Ms. Hoffer's storytelling ability has a way of entwining you into the lives of her characters, providing plenty of background information about them as the story unfolds. She allowed me to understand Christian and his mother's losses without bogging down the story, instead it was in a get to know you style that allowed added depth to the characters! I really enjoyed the family feel of this story, and the easy relationship that Christian has with his mother. Of course young readers are going to want excitement and the author provides plenty! From the gargoyles standing at the entrance to the estate, to the mysterious soldier that only Christian saw in the photo, the author builds up enough suspense to grab the imagination as to what might be going on. I loved the splash of historical detail the author included in the story. A  good read that is filled with adventure,mystery, a paranormal element that is a bit spooky without being overly so, and a wholesome family feel that really allowed me to connect with the characters. If you have a reluctant reader in your family this book just might be the spark to ignite them to read! I can't wait to read the next book in the series!

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  1. Thank you so much for such a wonderful review. I am looking forward to your review of "The Ghost of the Frozen North". I hope you enjoy the continuing story of Christian Jones Arnook. Book III, "The Ghosts of Stony Manor", will hopefully be released in May. Have a blessed day!


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