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Dax Dugan and the Graveyard Gang~ T.J. Braswell

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 October 2, 2014

Leaving the only home you’ve ever known and moving to a new town would be a little unnerving for any kid. Imagine moving to a new town and finding out that your closest neighbors are no longer among the living.

That’s what happens to 12-year-old Dax Dugan and his 9-year-old sister, Callie, when their mom’s new job forces the whole family to leave the bustling city of Chicago and move to a quiet, rural town in Southern Illinois.

Dax and Callie’s parents tell them quite a bit about their new home before they ever leave Chicago. Unfortunately, the fact that there is a cemetery in their backyard is one piece of information they neglect to share. With the discoveries that follow,Dax and Callie quickly learn that life in the country is more than just cows and cornfields.

My take on this book: 

T.J. Braswell blends just the right amount of paranormal and eeriness to make for an interesting read, but keeps the story from being overly scary, making a great read for young and old alike. Dax Dugan and the Graveyard Gang is perfect for Halloween, but honestly it's a story that I would recommend for anytime of the year.

Dax Dugan and his sister Callie find themselves moving to the country, thing is Callie doesn't mind but Dax doesn't want to go. When they get to their new home Dax quickly makes friends with Jamal, the boy who lives down the road. When Callie discovers an old cemetery in the backyard Jamal tells them about the stories that have circulated about the old graveyard. It doesn't take long for the trio to uncover the history of the cemetery, and that history will send them on a quest to return stolen items to the rightful owners even if those owners happen to be dead! Can Dax Dugan and the Graveyard Gang find the lost treasures and get them to their rightful owners?

Great characters that are well developed and easy to relate to pulled me right into this story. After all most of us have been right where Dax found himself, not wanting to move away and leave his old friends. I loved the positive family relationship that we see with Dax and his family, especially with his younger sister Callie. Sure they don't always get along, but there is that sibling bond that one can't miss with this pair. Jackson the family dog adds a delightful element to the story, I could just imagine him being sprayed by a skunk or playing fetch in the cemetery. Jamal was a wise-cracking, often funny neighbor,and when the trio forms the Graveyard Gang we meet two other children in the neighborhood,Wiley and Maria. Each of these characters seem very realistic, making them easy to connect with. Ms. Braswell does a wonderful job of handling the topic of bullying, and of course the bully got his in the end! While this story deals with ghosts it isn't overly scary, the author even provides a few moments that really tugged at my heart. An easy to read story that is highly engaging, a good ghost story, that isn't overly scary with several positive messages woven in makes Dax Dugan and the Graveyard Gang one that will easily capture the imagination of young and old alike.

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