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Mediums Guild by Lee Fishman

    Mediums Guild
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 April 9, 2014
Real estate agent Margo Fellshur can’t catch a break in a slow housing market. With her teen-age daughter dreaming of high end colleges, hopes of financial stability grow dimmer by the minute. For extra cash, the single mother works weekends as a psychic, reading cards and palms at parties – and she’s good at it. Too bad she can’t resolve her own issues. As a kid, Margo took her gifts for granted. Couldn't everyone see auras and hear the thoughts of their friends? When a chance encounter connects Margo with a young pilot, he asks for her help in finding his sister who disappeared months before. Margo recruits fellow psychics but they come up short until a dream changes everything.

My take on this book:

Margo Fellshur is a recently separated mother of two whose finances are on shaky ground. Her job as a real estate agent has all but dried up, and with her seventeen year old daughter Jamie about to head to college she relies on the extra money she makes working as part of the Mediums Guild, a group of psychic friends that often do jobs  together. While reading palms at a Halloween party Margo is approached by Greg Parrish who wants help locating his missing sister Carla and her boyfriend Steve.When she decides to help she has no idea how much her life is about to change!

Mediums Guild by Lee Fishman provides just the right balance of psychic ability, mystery, and family drama, saga to provide a page turning read that left me anticipating what might come next! Margo is such a well fleshed, down to earth character, who was very easy to connect with. After nineteen years of marriage she is dealing with being a recently separated woman,  whose husband is a dead beat,finances are tight, and she needs to figure out a way to pay for her daughters college.She could be any woman in America except for her psychic abilities!  I thought the author provided a very realistic look into psychic ability, and it was quite interesting to see how when those abilities are nurtured they can become stronger. The character of Harlan added an interesting element because his specialty was using dowsing rods. The mystery woven into the story was top notch, and the way Ms. Fishman tied the story together was something that I really didn't see coming. A strong multi-faceted storyline made this a book I couldn't put down. Mediums Guild is such a good read that I feel like the story could easily be continued, I only hope Ms. Fishman decides to provide us with a sequel.

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