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Redeeming Love by Sophie Dawson and George McVey

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 January 4, 2014

Deputy U.S. Marshal Timothy Dillion has had a terrible two years. First one, then a second love dies of a bullet wound in his arms. He is broken and afraid to love again for fear of causing another woman to die. Imagine his surprise when traveling with Marshal Nathan Ryder, aka: The Preacher, he ends up in Cottonwood chasing an outlaw from his past. One who caused the death of his first love. Add to that he's tasked with protecting Nell Shaw, the towns only nurse and a beautiful woman in her own right, from Dales attacks.

Nell Shaw hasn't felt safe with a man since the night she ran away from her fathers advances. She has been living with Aggie Cuttler, Nathan's aunt, since she was fifteen. Now in the course of a few months she is kidnapped by Diamond Dale, forced to let the young and handsome deputy be her constant shadow, and had to deal with the return of her fatally ill father. She is drawn to Tim but doesn't want to belong to any man.

Can these two overcome their separate pasts to find happiness with each other? Can Nathan Ryder and his wife find the healing they need from the betrayal the suffered in Redemption? Will Aggie finally get to take her knife to Leonard Shaw like she wanted to when he came to claim Nell the first time? Or is there healing in the Redeeming Love of Christ?

My take on this book:
Redeeming Love by Sophie Dawson and George MCVey takes readers on an adventure to Cottonwood. Deputy U.S. Marshal Timothy Dillion is haunted by the fact that twice love has been ripped out of his grasp by Diamond Dale and his band of outlaws. He plans on guarding his heart from that pain again, but more than that he doesn't want to put any other woman in jeopardy. Imagine his surprise when he and his friend Marshal Nathan Ryder and Nathans wife Grace travel to Cottonwood to visit Nathan's aunt and learn that Diamond Dale has robbed the bank and taken Nell Shaw the town nurse hostage. They immediately set out to rescue her, but she gets away all on her own, but Timothy vows to keep her safe no matter what, even if that means shadowing her every move. When Nell's dad comes back to town, it isn't only Diamond Dale that Timothy must protect her from. Nell is far from happy that Timothy is watching her, as they start to spend time together though feelings develop but neither one are ready to accept what might be growing between them. Can love heal the past hurts that these two carry?

I have been a fan of Sophie Dawson and her Cottonwood series from the beginning so I was excited to return to the town where the characters have become like family. That said it took me a bit to get up to speed with Redeeming Love by Sophie Dawson and George McVey because I wasn't familiar with the characters from the Redemption series. It didn't take long to get the back stories of the characters though and the blending of the two series worked perfectly. I love the historical Christian feel of the story, we learn of the characters faith and flaws, but we also get an accurate look at how the west really was, with outlaws and gunfights, but also the faith and love of a close knit community.  There are a few stories going on, the one that surrounds Marshal Nathan Ryder and his reputation as "The Preacher" was quite interesting, and the story that revolved around his congregation back in Redemption added another layer to the story. I couldn't help but wonder if he would embrace his gift from God, or continue to fight it. Timothy and Nell are both dealing with issues from their past, which causes them to shy away from love. While the feelings that develop between the two was okay  it was the banter between the two that really made the relationship for me. The relationship that Nell had with her father was tough, but I thought the author handled it well and provided the outcome that made the most sense. I loved reconnecting with the residents of Cottonwood especially Aggie, and I really enjoyed learning more about Nugget Nate. More than just another historical romance Redeeming Love has plenty of twists and lots of action, along with a bit of humor, and characters that will grip your heart and not let go! Anyone looking for a good clean historical romance will find it with Redeeming Love by Sophie Dawson and George McVey. 

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