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Gracie's Inheritance & Lydia's Legacy by Augustine

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 December 29, 2013

A story with a Gothic touch that will leave you feeling a little haunted. Love and family are the most important things in life, and Gracie Lawson feels cheated by both. When she reluctantly goes home to Nebraska for her grandmother’s funeral, she is surprised to find an inheritance—a plantation in Georgia, where the history of her family is buried in a web of lies, deceit, and angry spirits. As she uncovers her family’s elusive past, she finds love and acceptance in the small Georgia town that she claims as her home.

Newly revised on 12-7-13

My take on this book: 
Gracie's Inheritance and Lydia's Legacy is like getting two stories in one,  both stories are filled with a supernatural flair that shifts between past and present to provide for a page turning read. 
Gracie Lawson and her cousin Jeanette were raised by their grandmother Lydia, who was smothering and controlling. When Gracie left home there were hard feelings, so she hadn't spoken to her family in five years. With the death of Lydia  Gracie returns home for the funeral only to be surprised that she has inherited a small fortune along with a plantation house in Georgia. Seems that Lydia had kept many secrets, and Gracie is determined to unravel them. When she travels to Georgia to claim her inheritance, she learns that the plantation  is cursed and she is the only one that can lift it! 

Gracie's Inheritance is a story that pulled me in and kept me guessing at what might happen next. The mystery surrounding Lydia and how she tied into the plantation was quite intriguing, just when I felt like I might know what those ties were the author would throw in a twist that I didn't see coming. Gracie's character was sort of adrift, raised by her grandmother, only to learn that what she thought she knew wasn't true at all. She was looking for a place to belong and the tiny town of Swanson, Georgia was perfect for her. The small town feel, and the way the community embraced her added to the story. The romance that develops with Brett Galeman was well written, and very believable.Several secondary characters, both alive and dead, kept the plot moving along at a brisk pace. The supernatural flavor of the story was chilling at times. The descriptions were well done, allowing me to visualize the characters and setting, especially the plantation. With Lydia's Legacy evil is unleashed on the town by an unsuspecting group of ladies when they dabble with an Ouija board, an evil so strong that it will take the living and the dead to contain it! 

Paranormal fiction fans will certainly enjoy the way the author brings this story to life. The author easily transitions from historical to contemporary, allowing the reader to understand how the past has affected the present.  Anyone who enjoys a story filled with family secrets, romance, mystery, suspense, and more than a few ghosts will certainly find both books a page turning read.  

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