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Where The Greener Grass Grows by Lin Brooks ~ review

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Sending the children off to college is never easy. For Lacey Marchand and Cara Myers, an empty nest is enough to drive them a little crazy -- but sometimes, a little crazy is just what the doctor ordered.
Now that their daughters have left for college, Lacey and Cara have too much time on their hands. With nothing else to do, Cara decides to help single-mom Lacey get a life. And what better way to get a life than a few blind dates?
Lacey, however, can't think of a worse way to spend her weekends. She has her own ideas for curing their empty nest problems -- Cara needs a new career. And a career just happens to be what Lacey understands best.
For Cara and Lacey, coping with the empty nest means reinventing their lives without losing their sanity. Where the Greener Grass Grows is the story of two mothers learning to live, to laugh and to let go.

My take on this book:
Where The Greener Grass Grows by Lin Brooks is the story of best friends Lacey Marchand and Cara Myers, long time friends whose daughters Abby and Michelle, who happen to be best friends also have left home for college. Lacey has been divorced for twelve years and really isn't interested in dating, instead she focuses on her career, while Cara, who has been married for twenty years to Brian chose to be a stay at home mother who now finds herself at a loss as to what to do with herself. When Cara decides Lacey needs to have some fun she decides to fix her up on a few blind dates, the only way Lacey will agree is if Cara will allow her to set up a few job interviews for her. Lacey finds herself on a few dates with some real duds and the job prospects for Cara doesn't seem to promising either. Is Cara's marriage doomed, and what about Lacey will she ever find a significant other, or is she right with her prediction that all the good men are already taken?

This is such a relatable book for many women who find themselves just where Cara and Lacey are. Cara appears to have a happy marriage, but things aren't really what they seem. Brian is dealing with issues of his own, and really had no idea that his marriage was on such shaky ground. It was obvious that communication was sorely lacking in their marriage. It seems as if he takes her for granted and when he gives her a toilet seat for their twentieth anniversary I felt like the writing was on the wall,or toilet seat!  Along with Cara's troubles at home the job hunt isn't working out either. Lacey isn't very optimistic about her chances of finding a decent man, I found some of the scenes that took place in the gym to be hilarious. The blog that she wrote made total sense and  she followed the best piece of advice by getting Ninja. The secondary story that revolved around Abby and Michelle and the problems that Abby was having with her father added to the story, but I found myself anxious to get back to the goings on of Lacey and Cara. Their antics were often funny, sometimes poignant, and really felt like real life! Where The Greener Grass Grows was an enjoyable read that provided more than a few laughs, but also deals with issues such as a deteriorating marriage, a spiteful ex-husband, and learning to live again after our children leave home!

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