Monday, November 4, 2013

The Path to Piney Meadows by Gail Sattler ~ review

  • Paperback: 336 pages
  • Publisher: Abingdon Press (August 20, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1426733550
  • ISBN-13: 978-1426733550

Will a new way of life solve problems or just create new ones?   

Fed up with life in a large city, Chad Allen quits his job on Christmas Eve and drives until he’s stranded in the remote Mennonite town of Piney Meadows. He accepts a job there on a whim, but the longer he stays, the more he likes these good people and their strong faith. Most of all, he grows fond of Anna, the girl next door, and the more he gets to know her, the more he falls in love with her.   

The only problem is that Anna is not happy in Piney Meadows. Even as Chad wants to settle in, Anna wants to move out. She longs to move to Minneapolis and find a new life. Reluctantly, Chad agrees to help Anna prepare for life in a large city, even as she’s helping him adjust to life in Piney Meadows.   

But when a personal crisis shakes Chad to his core, he’s not sure where to turn. He’d been let down by everyone he knew, even God. Now that the situation has reared its ugly head again, can his relationship with Anna survive? Or will he have to let her go, too?     

My take on this book:
Chad Jones is more than fed up with his job and his life in general,his girlfriend Brittany has left him and his relationship with God is virtually nonexistent  When he makes a snap decision to quit his job he hops in his car and decides to just drive, thing is it's Christmas Eve. Running out of gas he finds himself in the tiny town of Piney Meadows, a Mennonite town. He finds himself drawn to the local church, and one of the first people he meets is Ted Weibe, who informs him that the gas station wont reopen until after Christmas. It seems as if fate is at work when Chad is offered a place to stay and possibly a job. He thinks that he can make this quaint town his home, and even finds himself falling for Anna Janzen,but he can't move forward with a relationship until he finds Brittany, and besides  Anna doesn't want to stay in Piney Meadows. Is there a future in Piney Meadows for Chad, and why is he desperate to find Brittany, and if he finds her how will it affect the relationship that is developing between him and Anna? Will Anna take the step into the outside world or will she realize that what she has been looking for is right in Piney Meadows?

To say that I loved this story is an understatement! Piney Meadows is such a quaint little town, that so reminded me of small town USA. I can easily envision visiting and wanting to stay. While I understood Anna's need to leave,after all there were expectations of her that she felt like she couldn't live up to  I kept hoping that she would find a reason to stay! Chad was such a wonderful lead character. He fit perfectly into the life that he fell into in Piney Meadows. I am always a fan of stories that introduce us to pets and with this one we had Blinkie and Waddles a couple of unique pets! The only negative thing I have to say about this story is I think it would have been helpful if there would have been a glossary for the words that the Mennonite's used, otherwise this is a solid five star read for me! Anyone who enjoys a good clean read, with a few twists, characters that are a joy to meet, along with a homey feel are going to want to read "The Path to Piney Meadows."

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review.

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