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Terms Of Surrender by Lorrie Farrelly ~ review

  • Paperback: 342 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (August 11, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1468182528
  • ISBN-13: 978-1468182521

This book is also available in ebook and audio book form.

The War Between the States not only destroyed all Michael Cantrell loved, it left the young, former Confederate cavalry officer without faith or hope, a solitary, haunted man trying to escape his demons in the vast western frontier. Then, one spring day along the Wind River, he finds himself suddenly in the thick of another life-and-death struggle -- Annie Devlin's war. Desperate to hang on to her ranch and her life, waylaid by gunmen hired by a powerful rancher who covets her land, Annie and her young brother, Robbie, fight a furious, rapidly losing battle for their lives. When all seems lost, into the fray steps a cold-eyed, steel-nerved stranger -- Michael Cantrell -- who saves Annie and Robbie, but is himself grievously wounded. With Annie's care, Michael recovers not only his strength but a portion of his embittered soul as well. Fighting his powerful feelings for her, convinced he has nothing to give, Michael determines to stay with the Devlins only long enough to ensure their safety against the treachery that would destroy them. Reluctantly, Michael, who for years has known only loss, allies himself with a stubborn, courageous young woman who will take his heart by storm and test the limit of his honor, his mettle -- and his passion. A finalist for the prestigious Orange Rose Award, "Terms of Surrender" takes the reader on a stirring adventure that is also a heartfelt, emotional journey.

My take on this book:
After the civil war Captain Michael Cantrell finds himself haunted by the losses incurred during the war, he blames himself for a tragedy that took everything that he held dear. With nothing left he heads west determined to never allow anyone to get close to him again. When he comes upon a brutal attack against Annie Devlin and her ten year old brother he can't help but become involved. While he thwarts their attacker, he becomes wounded himself. Annie takes him home and tends to his wounds, and soon Michael learns that Annie and her brother are being tormented by a rancher who wants their land. Michael decides to stick around long enough to help keep the Devlin's safe. Soon he has feelings for Annie, which makes him question whether he should just go ahead and move on because while his physical wounds have healed he is certain that the emotional scars that he carries never will. Will Michael continue to run from the ghosts that haunt him or has he finally found a place to belong?

Filled with sweet emotion, but also heart wrenching hurt "Terms Of Surrender" by Lorrie Farrelly is exactly why I am such a fan of historical fiction!  It's a story that had my emotions all over the place. From the harshness of the west, to the birth of a new baby. Tenderness at one turn,but heartbreak could be right around the corner! The storytelling is done with such amazing clarity that I found myself easily transported into the lives of Annie, Robbie and Michael. Each character literally jumps off the pages. Annie feels the weight of responsibility, taking care of her ten year old brother Robbie, while also trying to run a ranch is hard enough, but she also has to deal with someone wanting her land at any cost. There is also a softer side to Annie, a vulnerable side that balances perfectly making her seem very real!  Robbie was a wonderful character, sometimes he seemed awful grown up for ten, because of the responsibilities he has, but other times we really see him as a ten year old who really doesn't like girls. Michael was an outstanding lead, my heart ached for the burdens he carried.  I couldn't read the book fast enough to see whether Michael would stay or go,and whether he would ever be able to stop blaming himself!  The character of Gavin plays a unique role in this story as well, putting a spiritual twist that really enhanced the plot for me. Great characters, a touching romance with a bit of sizzle and a plot that provides enough danger and suspense to keep it interesting makes "Terms of Surrender" a stand out historical romance. While this  is the first time I have read anything by Lorrie Farrelly it certainly won't be my last. 

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