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When Everyone Thinks You're Gone by Amelia Faith

  • Paperback: 236 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (August 3, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1478323353
  • ISBN-13: 978-1478323358

This book is also available as an e-book.

Six months ago, the last words Charlotte said to her best friend Justin were 'I hate you'. Ten minutes later, he was killed in a car accident. 

Overcome with grief and guilt, Charlotte falls into a deep depression that it seems like she can never get out of, but then... she takes to seeing something. Someone, to be more specific. Everywhere she goes, she sees Justin in the crowds, watching her every move. Everyone tells her to move on, get some help, that she's seeing things as a result of grief and guilt, but Charlotte refuses to believe that, and it turns out she was right. 

Justin never left, but only Charlotte can see him. 

Through all the drama and supernatural encounters, will these two best friends be able to get another shot to finish things the way they were supposed to, and maybe, a chance at something more?

My take on this book:
Imagine the grief you would feel if the last thing you ever said to your best friend was "I hate you" and then your best friend dies without you ever being able to make things right. Well that's just what happens to Charlotte Winters when she and her best friend Justin have a fight, and then he is killed in an auto accident minutes after she says it. Why though if Justin is dead does Charlotte see him everywhere? Can the bond they share transcend death, allowing Justin to help Charlotte when she needs him most? 

"When Everyone Thinks You're Gone" found it's way into my heart within the first pages. I could literally feel the all consuming grief that Charlotte felt as she mourned for Justin who really seemed to be her only friend. Ms. Faith captures Charlotte's feelings so realistically that I could just imagine how it must have felt thinking that no-one understood what she was going thru. She allows the reader to watch Charlotte slowly heal,sometimes wavering back and forth, but eventually finding her way back from depression with the help of Emmett and Ainslie, the two friends that seem to come along when she needed them most.Ainslie was such a wonderful friend, such a bubbly personality. I would love to see the author do a story around her character, because of the snippets we learn of her background I felt like she really has one to share!  Emmett was a great support, not only with what was going on at school, but the turmoil going on in the Winter's household as well. I loved the spiritual connection that Emmett and Charlotte shared, and the romance was so sweet. This book deals with a few heavy topics such as death, grief, bullying to name a few that I was afraid that the story might be a real tear jerker, but watching Charlotte come out of the darkness and into the light from depression to finding her life again made this an amazing story of hope and inspiration, the paranormal aspects of the story were just an added bonus for me!  Anyone looking for a page turning read that has spiritual elements, along with a paranormal slant, great characters and a plot with several unique twists will want to read "When Everyone Thinks You're Gone." 

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