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Say You're Sorry by Michael Robotham ~ Audio Book Review

  • Series: Joe O'Loughlin
  • Hardcover: 448 pages
  • Publisher: Mulholland Books; First Edition edition (October 2, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9780316221245
  • ISBN-13: 978-0316221245


When pretty and popular teenagers Piper Hadley and Tash McBain disappear one Sunday morning, the investigation captivates a nation but the girls are never found.

Three years later, during the worst blizzard in a century, a husband and wife are brutally killed in the farmhouse where Tash McBain once lived. A suspect is in custody, a troubled young man who can hear voices and claims that he saw a girl that night being chased by a snowman.

Convinced that Piper or Tash might still be alive, clinical psychologist Joe O'Loughlin and ex-cop Vincent Ruiz, persuade the police to re-open the investigation. But they are racing against time to save the girls from someone with an evil, calculating and twisted mind..

My take on this book:
When best friends Tash McBain and Piper Hadley wind up missing from the Bingham fair on the last day of their holiday they quickly become known as the Bingham girls. The media is all over it, and the eerie thing is that in the beginning the kidnapper allows them to watch the media coverage. After an extensive search shows up nothing people start assuming that the Bingham girls just ran away. Fast forward three years later and a couple is murdered at a farmhouse and it turns out to be the farmhouse that Tash McBain lived in. Are the crimes connected? The police have a suspect in the murder of the couple and they ask a psychologist police profiler Joe O'Loughlin to talk to him. Joe is convinced the cases are connected and even thinks the girls may still be alive. Could it be possible that the Bingham girls could still be alive after three years, and if they are what happened to them and where have they been!

"Say You're Sorry" by Michael Robotham was a compelling story that grabbed me from the beginning pages when Piper announces that she has been missing for three years. With an opening like that how could I not have been drawn in! Thing is we do learn that she and Tash have been kidnapped but ultimately the story is about the fact that one of them escapes, and that's the thing I was left on the edge of my seat wondering whether the other would be rescued! The author allows the reader to see the story unfold thru the eyes of Piper as well as Joe O'Loughlin. The author  smoothly transitions between the characters, giving each a distinctive voice, making the story easy to follow. Mr. Robotham creates a unique character with O'Loughlin, he is easy to like and really knows his business,it's quite interesting to glimpse the work involved in catching a killer, how the most insignificant thing is sometimes what will ultimately break the case. Thing is O'Loughlin is separated from his wife and  suffering from a health condition that is different from most mainstream characters that I read about. It was interesting to learn how he coped with his medical condition, and were even given a bit of information about it.  While parts of the story were hard to read, it was also one of those stories that once started it just couldn't be put down until I knew the end, and I must say the author provides a shocking twist of an ending  that I would never have guessed!  Anyone who enjoys a fast paced psychological thriller where the characters will get inside your head and the author provides more twists and turns that you can  ever see coming  will find this book to their liking. I listened to the audio version and found the narrative to be well done and easy to listen to. After listening to "Say You're Sorry" I have found a new favorite author and plan on reading all of Mr. Robotham's work. 

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