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High~ The Way of An Eagle~ by Charlene Quiram ~ review

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 August 6, 2013



SIXTEEN YEAR-OLD VERONA LAMBERTI thinks that “poofing” out of her body and flying out the classroom window would be a whole lot cooler if her eagle flights didn’t end with people she cares about being maimed or murdered.
On top of dealing with the horrors in her real world: a newly broken family, a move to Jamestown, Virginia, a place which feels like light-years from her real home in New York City, and a new school where she’s been virtually invisible for months, now she’s got to deal with seeing and experiencing horrors in another realm. A mysterious realm where demons push humans to commit atrocities. Things go from bad to worse when the horrors in that dark realm start to come true in the real world.

My take on this book:

Verona Lamberti finds  herself counting the days until she can move back home to New York, but in the meantime she is stuck with her mom living in Virginia because of her parents divorce. It's hard finding her place as the new girl in school, but sitting in class one day her life takes a major turn when she has an out of body experience where her spirit takes eagle form and she finds herself witnessing an accident that hasn't happened yet, but ultimately does. As the visions continue Verona learns that what she is witnessing is truly evil. When she has a vision where she is the victim will this one come true as well, or will she be able to change the outcome?

"High The Way of An Eagle" by Charlene Quiram grabbed me from the get go! Even though it's been a few years since I experienced the drama of high school, I found myself drawn right into the high school setting,where cheerleaders and football jocks and cafeteria scenes are the norm. Verona is a character that was so easy to relate to, she is klutzy, sort of nerdy,and really the last girl who you would ever imagine as homecoming queen! While I enjoyed the characters it was the story of Verona's gift and paranormal/supernatural elements that kept me  on the edge of my seat wondering what might happen next. The pacing of the story was spot on, there was never an instance where I felt bored, instead the author kept me guessing whether it was a demon or human responsible for what was going on. I found the spiritual references woven into the story fit perfectly. Instead of being overwhelming it gave more authenticity to the plot. Ms. Quiram's writing is sharp and descriptive enough allowing the scenes to form in my head. I easily felt like I was along as Verona soared as the eagle!   "High The Way of An Eagle" isn't just for young readers the characters are mature enough and the storyline is muti-layered enough that anyone who enjoys a well written mystery that has spiritual, supernatural and paranormal elements is going to be drawn into this story. Parents are going to enjoy the clean romance and positive role models, young readers are  going to relate to the characters, enjoy the storyline and be left wanting more! One can only hope that Ms. Quiram is working on a sequel for "High The Way of An Eagle."

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