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Glimpse by Steven Whibley ~ review

  • Paperback: 224 pages
  • Publisher: Steven Whibley Publishing (April 16, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0991920805
  • ISBN-13: 978-0991920808

This book is also available as an ebook.

Save them, Dean. Save them all...."

Dean Curse avoids attention the way his best friend Colin avoids common sense. Which is why he isn’t happy about being Abbotsford’s latest local hero – having saved the life of a stranger, he is now front page news. Dean’s reason for avoiding the limelight? Ever since his heroic act, he’s been having terrifying visions of people dying and they’re freaking him out so badly his psychologist father just might have him committed. Dean wants nothing more than to lay low and let life get back to normal.

​But when Dean’s visions start to come true, and people really start dying, he has to race against the clock – literally – to figure out what’s happening. Is this power of premonition a curse? Or is Dean gifted with the ability to save people from horrible fates? The answer will be the difference between life and death.​

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My take on this book:
"Glimpse" by Steven Whibley introduces us to Dean Curse an almost fourteen year old who finds himself witnessing a crime, and becoming an unlikely hero one morning while going to school. When the victim whispers the word "Glimpse" to him just before passing out Dean has no idea what the world it means. When he starts having hair-raising visions of people of course he is terrified. When he tells his best friends Lisa and Colin what's going on they help him figure out that the visions he is seeing are of people that have twenty-four hours to live, and that Dean's job is to try and save them which is no easy task! When he has as a "Glimpse" of someone close to him he is determined to intervene and save them or die trying!

Steven Whibley creates a page turning story that's surely going to appeal to young readers and adults alike with "Glimpse!" In addition to the characters being totally easy to relate to they also seem so very realistic. The relationship between Dean and his younger sister Becky was very real, the picking and fighting was totally a brother sister relationship, but when Becky was in trouble Dean didn't hesitate to do what he had to do! The friendship between Dean, Lisa and Colin totally works, while Dean is the shy one, Colin is the jokester and more outspoken, while Lisa seems to be the voice of reason.Instead of a perfect hero that saves everyone, Dean is someone that often fails, but doesn't give up, and when he does fail, his reactions are human. I like the fact that therapy is used in the story, allowing readers, especially teens to realize that it's okay to need help once in awhile.  I also find the family feel of the story appealing, Dean's parents are great characters. Mr. Whibley hits the right balance with them, allowing them to be involved, but not overbearing, he creates a very good parental relationship. Mr. Whibley has the uncanny ability to provide tension, but also knows when to throw in a bit of humor to take the edge off!He also knows how to describe scenes allowing the reader to totally understand what's going on without being graphic,making this a great read for anyone who enjoys a story filled with tension, mystery,suspense and a touch of paranormal, where the characters are teens plunged into something that they truly have no idea about!  "Glimpse" is a story that's mature enough for adults, but will totally be a hit with the younger set as well. 

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