Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ripples Along The Shore by Mona Hodgson

Ripples Along the Shore (Quilted Hearts, #3)Can a War Widow Escape Her Grief—and Find God’s Promise—on a Wagon Train West?

When Caroline Milburn steps off the boat and back into her hometown of St. Charles, MO, part of her wishes she could step right back on board and sail away. St. Charles, though home to her beloved friends and quilting circle, hasn’t felt like home since the death of her husband. And living with her sister, Jewell’s family hasn’t provided much balm for her grieving heart. Caroline knows something needs to change—but for now she’s stuck sharing her sister’s home, and enduring the anger and bitterness of her brother-in-law.

But change is brewing in St. Charles. A group of brave souls are preparing to head west on the Boones Lick Wagon Train, led by the mysterious and handsome Garrett Cowlishaw. Despite her dislike for Mr. Cowlishaw, who served as a Confederate soldier in the war that killed her husband, Caroline is tempted to join the wagon train and start fresh somewhere new.

When the lovely young widow makes her intentions to travel west known, Garrett Cowlishaw forbids her—a single woman—to travel with them. Will one man’s prejudice destroy Caroline’s hope for a new future? Or will the ripples of God’s love bring the answer she needs.

My take on this book:
Caroline Milburn finds herself a widow after the Civil War, she has been living with her sister but feels like she needs change. When she learns that there is plans for a wagon train heading west she thinks that this just might be the new beginning she is looking for, there is one problem, since she is a single woman the wagon master doesn't want her to join the wagon train. Can Caroline convince him to let her join, so that she can embark on a journey to a fresh start.

I felt a bit lost when I first started reading this book. I had read the first book in the series but missed the second one so it took me awhile to get back into the story. Once I did though the historical flavor drew me in, and I wanted to know if Caroline might get a new beginning. Overall, a story that I enjoyed and the ending has me anticipating the first book in the new series that spins off of this book.

A complimentary copy of this e-book was provided for review.

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