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The Cat That God Sent and The Dog that Talked to God by Jim Kraus ~ Litfuse Blog Tour with review

Meet Petey, your not-so-average cat—on a mission from God
Disillusioned young pastor, Jake Wilkerson, has just arrived at his new assignment in the small rural church of Coudersport, Pennsylvania. Also new on the scene is Petey, a cat of unknown origins and breed—but of great perception.
The Cat That God SentAs Jake sets about doing the business of ministry, Petey’s continued interference brings chaos to the community of curiously off and eccentric people—residents like the faith-avoiding veterinarian Sally Grainger and Tassy, a young runaway with a secret. An expert at hiding his fears, Jake wonders if all this—and the cat to boot—is more than he can handle. What is Petey’s real “mission”? Perhaps something larger than Jake—or even Petey—can possibly know.

My take on this book:

Jake Wilkerson is a preacher who is closing in on thirty and about to embark on the second job of his adult life. He has been assigned to a rural church in Coudersport Pa. Thinking this can be a fresh start and hoping that perhaps he will find his faith again.Along about the same time that Jake shows up so does Petey the cat, who is anything but ordinary. Petey is on a mission to help Pastor Jake find his way back to God.
I loved how the author allowed us to see things thru the eyes of Petey. Jake was someone that was easy to connect with,and the many varied characters that we met thru the pages of the book, along with a few of their pets, really kept the story moving along for me. Emma Grainger and her dog Winston gave me a few chuckles. The small town feeling I got with this story was an added bonus, because it made me feel like I was actually a part of the community.
Whether you a fan of cats or not there are a few spiritual messages woven into this book that isn't to be missed! For me though as someone who enjoys small town stories, with more than a few quirky characters along with animals and a good inspirational message this book was a purrfect fit!
Be sure to check out Jim’s The Dog That Talked to Godwhich was nominated as an ECPA book of the Year (2013).DogTalkedToGod
Publishers Weekly said, “Judge this book by its cover… and be charmed.” 
“The Dog That Talked to God is a moving and powerful read, inspirational long after the last page has been turned.” – New York Journal of Books
“Jim Kraus has written a funny, heartfelt novel in the tradition of Garth Stein and John Grogan. For a long time dogs have been man’s best friend. It only made sense one would finally come along to save our souls.” — Rob Stennett author, Homemade Haunting andThe Almost True Story Of Ryan Fisher
“I loved this story. Quirky and unusual, this unique tale wove a spell around me and drew me in. It wasn’t what I expected at all, and when I turned the last page, it left me wanting more.” — Ane Mulligan, senior editor Novel Rocket
“Anyone who has loved a pet knows the sense of connection, of deep familiarity and acceptance, and even of a possible spiritual awareness. In The Dog That Talked to God, Jim Kraus offers a hard-to-put down story of Rufus, a miniature schnauzer who make a giant difference… Kraus has created an enjoyable and often hilarious read. Highly recommended.” — Congregational Libraries Today


Recently widowed Mary Fassler buys a Miniature Schnauzer, Rufus, and her world is turned sideways in the midst of her grief.  It seems that Rufus speaks. And not just to her. He also talks to God. When Rufus begins sharing advice that could result in major changes, Mary gets the feeling the pooch might not be steering her in the right direction. Or, is she just afraid to take the leap and discover something she desperately needs? Only Rufus…and God…knows.

My take on this book:
"The Dog That Talked to God" easily pulled me in from the first chapter. We are introduced to the "runt" in a litter of Mini Schnauzers. Rufus is his name and it seems he talks to God. As a dog lover I knew this book would be for me, and boy was I right. Along with the story of Rufus we meet his owner Mary Fassler, who had lost not only her husband and son as well, a few years ago and is struggling to find her way. Mary believes that Rufus talks to her, and possibly to God, but it seems that Rufus might not be giving her the advice she wants to hear.

I can't believe I am saying this but the author creates the characters in this story so realistically it's easy to be pulled into the story, and that's saying something when one of the characters might or might not be a talking dog! I could understand totally understand where Mary was coming from, and why she might question her faith in God. It was so nice to see what an impact Rufus, and God made on her life. This was a story that made me laugh and also tugged at my heart. It certainly reminds the reader that God never leaves or forsakes us, and that he knows what we need and just when we need it!

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About Jim Kraus:

Jim Kraus grew up in Western Pennsylvania and has spent the last twenty years as a vice president of a major Christian publishing house. He has written more than twenty books and novels, including the best-selling The Dog That Talked to God. He and his family live outside of Chicago with a sweet miniature Schnauzer and an ill-tempered Siberian cat named (of course) Petey. www.jimkraus.com

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