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I Left My Prostrate In San Francisco Where's Yours? by Rick Redner MSW & Brenda Redner RN PUYB Blog Tour with review

  • Paperback: 272 pages
  • Publisher: WestBow Press A Division of Thomas Nelson (January 18, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1449779611
  • ISBN-13: 978-1449779610

This book is also available as an e-book.

About the book:
At age 58, author Rick Redner went to a routine exam in order to obtain a prescription refill. His life was turned upside down when his urologist discovered a suspicious lump on his prostate. This was the beginning of his journey with prostate cancer. Rick chose Robotic Surgery to treat his cancer. “Prostate surgery permanently alters your identity, your sexuality, your relationships and outlook on life,” says Rick. “Since many of these issues are intensely private, most men and couples struggle alone.”
In order to help others on their journey from diagnosis to adjusting to their new life post surgery, Rick & Brenda made a very difficult decision to share their intimate emotional, relational, sexual, and spiritual struggles. Brenda writes, “As Rick lay next to me that night, I tried not to think about my husband in diapers. I realized nothing would be the same again.” Their willingness to share their journey, their mistakes, victories, insights, humor, and faith, will help other couples facing prostate cancer.
Anyone considering prostate surgery will find “I Left My Prostate in San Francisco-Where’s Yours?” Coping with the Emotional, Relational, Sexual & Spiritual Aspects of Prostate Cancer” (published by WestBow Press) an incredibly valuable resource. 

Here's a sample of some of the issues covered in the  book:

* How to break the news to friends and family.
* Can a biopsy cause impotence?
* What type of pain control is available after surgery?
* How many days should you stay in the hospital?
* What are bladder spasms and how are they treated?
* How a simple mistake could cost you thousands of dollars.
* What you'll need to know about living in diapers.
* How erectile dysfunction will affect you and your relationships.
* What's penile rehabilitation, and why you need it.
* What causes depression after surgery. 
* How to strengthen your marriage
* How to give good comfort 
* How faith makes a difference coping with prostate cancer.

If you don't have prostate cancer there's still much you can learn about coping with other types of disruptive moments that change your life.

My take on this book:
"I Left My Prostrate In San Francisco  is written in a down to earth easy to read way that informs and enlightens on a subject that touch the lives of many, whether your a man who has just been diagnosed or perhaps the partner of someone who is dealing with Prostrate issues. Mr. Redner takes the reader on his journey from being diagnosed to dealing with the aftermath of surgery. He tells his story with humor, which makes for a good read, but also puts the reader at ease while reading his story. I felt like the questions that I found at the end of each chapter would allow the person dealing with this issue to delve deeper into their feelings. Overall, an informative handbook for anyone dealing with prostrate issues, but also the perfect read for anyone just looking to learn or understand what someone may go thru once they are given this diagnosis. I think doctors and nurses everywhere should be made aware of this book and recommend it anytime one of their patients face prostrate cancer.

About the authors:

After receiving his master’s in social work from Michigan State University, Rick Redner spent two years as a medical social worker. From there, he decided to become an entrepreneur, owning and operating two sandwich shops for the past 30 years.
Also a Michigan State University graduate, Brenda Redner obtained her RN/BSN and became an oncology nurse, psychiatric nurse and teacher. She went on to teach their four children at home.

Rick & Brenda know how important it is to hear from other people further along the journey of adjusting to life without a prostate. They want to end the isolation couples experience before or after prostate surgery. 
To accomplish their goal, they host a website at: where there is a pre-surgery and post -surgery forum. On these forums men and women can connect with Rick & Brenda as well as with others who join these forums to share information and provide on going support. Rick blogs at: His on-line diary at: has received more than 28000 hits.

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