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Decisions Book One: Say Goodbye to Yesterday by Shirley Kiger Connolly

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 August 14, 2011

Scorned with disgrace, Annabelle Jordan and her daughters are no longer welcome in her reverend uncle's community. In need of a fresh touch of grace, Annabelle's in no mood to seek mercy yet. Not after carrying on a youthful affair with that scoundrel of a boyfriend long enough to produce two daughters before she finally sent him away.

Now without a home, Annabelle's convinced her answer is to find the man again and force that marriage he pledged but never kept. Annabelle knows he can provide her daughters the name, home, security, and future they need. Who else would show interest in a soiled, aging woman over thirty with two growing children?

Clearly, that was before Major Carlton Radcliffe entered her life. How was Annabelle to know she'd fall for someone beyond her reach, loyal to the faith she's been fleeing and nobly pledged to a wife and family of his own?

My take on this book:
The year is 1878 and Annabelle Jordan knows that she hasn't made the most prudent choices in her life. Taken in by her uncle after the death of her parents, she finds herself an unwed mother of not one but two girls. She was promised marriage by Captain Sinclair Davies when she had her daughter Suzanna fifteen years ago, but instead sent him away. It has been six years since she had her second daughter Geraldine, by Sinclair, and she is still unwed! After an uproar in her uncle's church about her children she is cast out. Annabelle decides for the sake of her girls she will head west and find Sinclair and marry him. What happens though when she meets Major Carlton Radcliffe on the train ride west? Will she find Sinclair, or does God have something else in store for Annabelle?

"Decisions" was such a unique story. Annabelle Jordan finds herself in a situation that wasn't common during the mid 1800's an unwed mother with two children.I really enjoyed getting to know her character. Her choices were so easy to understand, I could especially see why she would lose her faith in God, but it was interesting to see how God was working in her life even though she didn't realize it! The love she felt for her children was obvious, and I felt her heartbreak at allowing Suzanna to make her own decisions.I always enjoy strong female characters and Annabelle easily fit the bill, but there was also a vulnerability with her character that added depth! Sinclair seemed to be a smooth talker who convinced her that marriage would happen promising twice to marry her. The author slowly allows us to glean Sinclair's true character. Major Carlton Radcliffe was the opposite of Sinclair, he was such a commendable character, who really added to the story. I found his story to be intriguing, even though he carried issues from a failed marriage, he didn't let that dissuade him from his faith in God! I have to say my favorite secondary character in this story had to be six year old Geraldine, she was an absolute gem, who put a smile on my face several times! As a fan of historical fiction it isn't often that I find such a unique story, normally I can figure out what will happen within the first few pages, but Shirley Kiger Connolly kept me wondering what would ultimately happen with this one. Fans of historical fiction will enjoy this one. The faith based messages woven in makes it the perfect choice for anyone looking for a good clean read that will leave you longing for more from this author!

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  1. Enjoyed this review very much. I love unique books. I will definitely check this out. How many stars would you say this book should have.
    Janice Ian

  2. Janice, on a scale of one to five I would give this book a six, it's just that good. The thing that really stood out for me, and actually there were a few,was the fact that Annabelle found herself in a situation that isn't the norm for the time period, but the other thing that really touched me was how the author was able to sprinkle a faith based message without it being overpowering or preachy. I read tons of historical fiction and this one really stood out for me. Ms. Connolly is certainly going to the top of my favorite historical fiction writers list! Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting.


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