Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Remnant Surprise by Vanessa Roam ~ review

December 13, 2011
When Great-Grandma decides to make quilts for each of her thirty-five grandchildren and great-grandchildren, great-granddaughter Gretchen and great-grandson Walter are eager to help. But Gretchen has no idea that the job Great-Grandma gives her will lead to a very special surprise. A touching and heartfelt fable, A Remnant Surprise shows that the sweetest gifts can come from the most unlikely sources.

The illustrations are vibrant, realistic and were created with careful detail to support the story. The text is in larger font, allowing easier reading for you while snuggling your favorite children. The larger font also assists your budding readers in following their place in the text as they read. The words are descriptive, flowing and engaging. The pages and binding are of high quality, allowing this book to withstand a child's repetitive use.

My take on this book:
Once in a while a children's book comes along that I can't resist and "A Remnant Surprise" is just that sort of book!  I love the delightful little story that takes place inside the pages of this one. It's about a great-grandmother who decides to make each of her thirty-five grandchildren,great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren a quilt, thing is she knows her hands get tired, and it would take lots of time to piece that many quilts so she decides to make them solid colored comforters of love.Two of her great grandchildren, Walter and Gretchen love to watch and find things to do to help. Gretchen saves all of the small pieces that fall to the floor and take them to her mother. What to do with all those tiny pieces? Read this beautiful book and find out!

The colorful illustrations make this a book that will certainly capture youngsters attention, but it's the wonderful story about family love that makes this book a real winner. I know many women who have undertaken this very project,making quilts for their families, and the love poured into these quilts is the same love that the author captured in the pages of "A Remnant Surprise!" This is a very sturdy book that youngsters will enjoy reading.The story flows well, and I can just imagine youngsters would want to "read"along!  I could easily see grandparents reading this to their grandchildren. What a wonderful gift this book would make, perfect to tuck in with that special quilt that you might be making for your child,grandchild etc! I loved this story, I have read it several times and each time find it puts a feel good smile on my face! 


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