Saturday, November 3, 2012

The High Calling ~ Weekly Newsletter~ review

                                  The High Calling

Have you heard of "The High Calling?" Well I hadn't, not until I got an email from Handlebar publishing asking me to do a review. Well I was pleasantly surprised by this online christian magazine. The articles are quite interesting, and cover many topics, they are as varied as the people who write them.

I really like how each week of archives revolves around a certain theme, for example the week of  Oct.17 was titled "You Can Change The World." Several of the articles really spoke to me.

"The Smallest Actions Can Change A World" written by Marcus Goodyear talks about the butterfly effect, where one small action starts a ripple effect that can create great change. He reminds that if we want to change the world, our small actions can play a tremendous part. A great article, that is also very timely. If you would like to read Mr. Goodyear's article,check it out here.

A story written on Oct. 11th J.B. Wood asks the question Is Work A Curse or Inherently Good? 
This article explores the importance of work, and how each job we do is important to someone.

The world is full of gifts that God has given us, but we often have to step outside our comfort zone and allow God to work with us. In the article "It's Just Not The Same" by Jason Scott discusses change and how many of us have a fear of the unknown, but if we can learn to walk in faith and not fear the unknown we can truly allow God to fulfill his plan for us. 

These are just a sampling of the articles that you are going to find in "The High Calling." In each of the articles that I read, I found them to be short, yet informative, and touch on things that encourage, and enlighten, your spiritual walk.

 Here is their mission statement: seeks to create opportunities for Christian leaders to encounter God through new media tools for the transformation of daily life, work, and our world. Christian leaders are in all aspects and activities of daily life—including home, community, leisure, as well as occupation.

I really think The High Calling meets their mission statement.

If you would like to find out more about this online Christian Newsletter, check it out here.

Note: The opinions expressed in this review are mine alone. I was ask by Handlebar Central to give an honest review of "The High Calling" newsletter, and that is what I have done.

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