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Angel Moon by Jamie Wasserman ~ review

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Kirsten Tyler has been obsessed with angels since she was a child. When she was just a baby, her mother died. When she was five years old, her father and older brother were violently murdered while she was hiding in the house. Although she hadn’t been harmed, she’d been treated in the hospital for severe and unexplained blood loss, and the details of what happened that horrible night always remained fuzzy in her mind.

Soon after she went to live with her aunt and uncle in a neighboring town, the angels came to visit her. Every night they would tuck her in and read her bedtime stories. She lived a quiet, protected life with her loving aunt and uncle, but she couldn’t wait for the secret of the nighttime – when her mysterious angels would come through the open window to see her. They promised they would always be there for her. But then, suddenly, they were gone, and she was alone.

For the next ten years, Kirsten studied everything she could about angels, in hopes of finding her guardians again. During that time, she always had the feeling someone was watching over her ... or maybe just watching her.

In college now, she continues her search for the truth about angels, but every obscure text, every clue, leads to a dead end. She’s ready to give up until the people closest to her start turning up dead. Again. These bloodless unexplained murders will force Kirsten to deal with the terrible truth about her past – and who the angels really are.

My take on this book:
Kirsten Tyler's mother died when she was a baby, and if that wasn't enough a horrible home invasion happened when she was five that took the life of her brother and father. She had been hiding in the closet when it happened, and while she was admitted to the hospital for a severe loss of blood, she really never knew what truly happened. She was taken in by her aunt Sophie and uncle Martin, and while they were good to her she couldn't help but look forward to the nights because that's when her  angels came to visit her. When the angels stop coming it became Kirsten's mission to learn all she could about angels in the hopes that they might return some day. While in college though people start dying and the thing is their bodies are drained of blood. One of her college professors has a theory, but will he figure it out or become the next victim,and what about Kirsten, just who are her angels,and why has she been protected while so many around her die?
Interesting, multi-layered characters along with a fast paced plot makes this a must read for paranormal fans.Kirsten is a young lady that is struggling,she has spent her entire life trying to learn all she can about guardian angels in the hopes that someday hers might return. The author easily transitions  between the past and present allowing us to learn what happened in Kirsten's past to bring her to where she is. She is a character that is easy to like and empathize with. Even though the reader knows basically from the beginning what Keenan and Melanie really are, Kirsten didn't and I couldn't help but wonder how she would react to the truth. For me one  of the creepier characters in the story was actually the professor,and I thought he got what he deserved!
In my opinion Jamie Wasserman is a true wordsmith! He has the uncanny ability to bring whatever he is writing to life, with a plot that literally draws you in and doesn't let go even when you finish the final page. I found myself quite surprised with the direction he took Melanie's character in the end, which leaves this reader eagerly  anticipating the next book in the series.
"Angel Moon" is the follow up to "Blood and Sunlight: A Maryland Vampire Story" and while I read the first book, I honestly think the author provides enough background information that "Angel Moon"could be read as a stand alone work, although I highly recommend both books. If your a fan of paranormal fiction, with plenty of twists and well developed characters then your certainly going to want to check out this author's work!

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