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The Miracle Mixer by Theresa Nash

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My take on this book:

Reeshana is a Miracle Mixer, someone from another dimension who throws miracles.She  is known to be one of the best, but something happens while throwing her latest miracle, she falls into the mix, and becomes someone else.

Merri Dwyer has been plagued by odd dreams all her life,and lately she has been dreaming about the same people and can actually feel their experiences. When she takes a business trip to Phoenix  to scout  out a new location for a bookstore things get weird when someone starts following her, so she cuts her trip short and heads home to Denver, but the problem follows  her. It seems as if someone wants  her dead, and will go to any length to make it happen, even drawing her friends in. What does  Reeshana have to do with Merri, and why would someone want her dead?

An intricately woven plot with plenty of twists and turns makes this book  a real page turner. Ms. Nash has the ability to bring not only her characters to life, but with her attention to detail she easily brings the story itself to life. Her attention to detail and the way she describes the action packed scenes really made me feel as if I was watching a motion picture.The author really kept me guessing as to who the bad guys really were in this story. Often when a story involves the past as well  as the present, it sometimes becomes hard to follow,but not so with "The Miracle Mixer" I found myself becoming quite interested in the past, but was also anxious to know what was taking place with Merri. I really felt as if Merri was a great lead character, she had such a wry sense of humor,was brave and really cared about her friends.While the author provides a satisfying ending, she also left me anxious for another book with these characters.
Overall if you enjoy a  contemporary fiction that also gives glimpses of the past,which  weaves together mystery,intrigue,a splash of romance, as well as drama and then throws in a sci-fi twist that takes on the age old war of good verses evil then "The Miracle Mixer" is a must read story. 

Highly recommended!
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