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After All by Deborah Raney ~ review

May 1, 2012 Hanover Falls Novels
Featuring her trademark warm, friendly style, the final novel in bestselling and award-winning Deborah Raney’s Hanover Falls series offers plenty of romance and mystery as three people find hope, forgiveness, and love in unexpected places.
Eighteen months after the tragic Grove Street Fire took the life of her husband and four other heroic firefighters, Susan Marlowe thinks she’s finally beginning to heal. But then she discovers that David carried a secret to his grave—a secret that changes everything she thought about their marriage. For the sake of their sons, can Susan forgive the unforgivable?
Andrea Morley lost her closest friend in the fire. But she has no right to mourn him. Instead, she must forever grieve in silence—for someone else’s husband. Peter Brennan carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. As Hanover Falls fire chief, he was responsible for the brave firefighters who lost their lives that awful November night. Can he ever shake the feeling that he could have somehow prevented the tragedy? And now it seems he might find comfort in the arms of the woman he least expected.

My take on this book:
Deborah Raney is easily one of my favorite authors. Her stories are ones that I often think about for weeks after reading. She has a way of drawing me into a story, making me feel as if I personally know the characters, and that's just how I feel about the Hanover Falls  series. 

Susan Marlowe is dealing with the pain of losing her husband in the Grove Street fire, but a secret that he was carrying comes to light, a secret that breaks her heart, and has her wondering if she really knew the man she was married to. How will she deal with the hurt?

Even though this is the third book in a series, the story line still has the ability to provide a few twists and turns that kept me reading. There is still the mystery of who actually set the fire, as well as the emotional turmoil of losing loved ones, and trying to move on  after such a tragedy. Susan is a commendable character. She is trying to keep the homeless shelter going, while dealing with the loss of her husband. When her son Davey not only drops out of  college but also starts coming home drunk, she learns that he is carrying a painful secret, something that he knew about his father, her husband. 

"After All" is the third and final installment of the Hanover Falls Series, and while this book can be read as a stand alone work, the series is filled with such amazing characters that you really are going to want to read all three books. While I enjoyed the way the author wraps  up this series, I really am going to miss my visits to Hanover Falls. I highly recommend this entire series!

A complimentary copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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