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A Piece of Time by Victoria Fielding ~ Media Guests Blog tour with review

A Piece of Time

Product Details

  • Paperback: 367 pages
  • Publisher: Brigham Distributing (September 2, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0983705208
  • ISBN-13: 978-0983705208
Also available for Kindle and Nook

This is everyone's story, not just Lilly Hunt's. Like Lilly, who hasn't endured peer pressure and fought low self-esteem? Who hasn't been angry over losses, and heartbroken at losing a loved one? Whose life hasn't been impacted with the scourge of an addiction? Who hasn't stumbled under the weight of forgiving someone? Or, harder yet, forgiving oneself? It isn't only Lilly who questions why life is so hard, and what is the point, anyway? Like Lilly, we wonder-when we set this world down-what will be behind death's door? Lilly discovers what lies far beyond that door. and now, you just may too. This story is for everyone.

My take on this book:
When I first picked up this book I really wasn't sure what to expect. I knew it was going to be about a teen girl named Lilly Hunt, but the amazing journey that the story takes us on is not only a look at the afterlife but also several life lessons including forgiveness and realizing what is actually important in our lives.

Lilly Hunt is turning 18. While growing up in the tiny town of Missoula Montana she often wondered if her own dad didn't love her well then who could? Her younger memories of her father are wonderful, but when he started drinking things changed, and he soon left the family and died shortly after. Her mom is  now dating a man named Carl that she just can't stand, but Lilly has plans of leaving Missoula. It's her senior year and she has three grants to attend the Avery School for dance in New York. When tragedy strikes Lilly's plans are changed in an instant. She comes to realize who and what are really important in life.

Once I started reading this book I just couldn't put it down. The main character Lilly, is like so many teen girls today. She wants to fit in and often faces peer pressure, but inside she often wonders if her own dad didn't love her then who could. You see her father became an alcoholic and then left them only to die a year later. She really never forgave her father for leaving. It has been a financial struggle for her mom, and not only that she is dating a man that gives Lilly the creeps. She has her best friend Skyler and Luke to depend on, but they are not happy with the fact that she chooses to date Alex a bad boy who uses drugs. I thought that the author did an amazing job of pulling the reader right into the life of Lilly. I could empathize with her, and really understood her choices. I found myself mesmerized with the things Lilly learned once she went thru the veil. While this book is a work of fiction the author describes the afterlife in such a way that is very comforting, I thought the infrequent use of scriptures added to the story.One part of this story has really stayed with me  was when Lilly had to watch her life in review, and what she learned. It really had me thinking about my own life, and how I have lived it. I just couldn't put this book down until I knew what would ultimately happen with Lilly would she stay or come back, I had to know! 
Overall, while this book is a work of fiction, I felt comforted, as well as encouraged while I read this story. The message of forgiveness not only of others but of ourselves as well is wonderfully done. Because of the things Lilly experiences I think this book would make a fantastic group read.

About the author:

Victoria Fielding
Victoria Fielding is a mother of six, an educator, and a writer.  She is currently the academic director of a residential treatment center for troubled teens in Utah.  It is there that she works with some of the best kids in the world.  Victoria has had a life-long career in public and private education, having taught all ages, but mostly high-energy teens (and she still has her sense of humor—amazing!). 
Victoria has lived a full and abundant life.  Her life experience provides much of the background for this novel.  Victoria is also mindful of all her ancestors, some of whom play a role in A Piece of Time.  Her great, great grandmother, Sarah, really did lose her best friend on the plains; Lillie—who loved Teancum dearly– really did misplace her button, which became a fob for her father-in-law’s watch; the farm house does exist, as well as the attic bedroom and the card-table gone mad.  Lastly, departed loved-ones have indeed returned to warn, to reassure, and to inspire the discovery of a golden find in a barn loft.
Victoria’s real claim to fame is her family of six awesome kids, their spouses, her two grand-daughters, and all of her other grandchildren waiting to take their turn on earth.  When she isn’t working with kids or playing with her grandkids, Victoria loves to hike, garden, write,  dance, scrapbook, and eat chocolate (yes, she’s addicted to chocolate).
It is Victoria’s sincere hope that when the last page has been read and the book cover closed, you will recall all the times YOU have been prompted, directed, warned, and comforted.  WHO are your guardian angels?

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