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Guest Post with Carolyn Wolfe~ Author of "The Unhappy Little Dragon"

Friday Five with Carolyn Wolfe – Five Laugh About it Later Moments

Welcome Carolyn,

Thanks for having me Brenda.

Share with us Five Fun Things that happened to you during the course of writing and publishing your novel, those laugh about it later type moments.

1. I do have to laugh when I think of the evolution of this book. It started out as a complete book from beginning to end, then I received some not so great advice and published it as only half the story. The idea was to have a part one and part two. Big mistake! Now it is out as a one complete story, from beginning to end and I can smile about the journey of how I got here.

2. This book was my first children's book and came from my day dreaming out my office window of my old job... I looked over at a tree across the parking lot from my office and I swear it had the face of a smiling dragon in it. Then the story began writing itself.

3. The book was 99 per cent complete, but then my wonderful illustrator moved and what with this glitch and that glitch, it was not actually completed until a year later, however, thanks to the delay, and the patience of that same wonderful illustrator, it is a much better story now!

4. My brother gave me a spectacular gift of a Dragon hand puppet, to celebrate the completion of "The Unhappy Little Dragon Lessons Learned". The puppet is a hit at children's festivals, book fairs and interviews! I just wish he could talk as I have a tendency to get tongue tied in public!

5. This book has been an adventure, I had to listen to my heart and remember what I liked to read as a child. It is a mixture of the fantasy I love and the lessons I have learned from working with kids in the Special Educations classes that I taught as a Substitute Teacher.

Thanks so much for dropping by Carolyn, I really appreciate it!

About The Unhappy Little Dragon Lessons Learned:
This is the tale of a little Dragon who has a big problem; he cannot control his fire!  After a major mishap, he runs away into the forest and has a wonderful adventure where he meets new friends, learns that every creature has a unique gift. He also finds out the special way in which he can use his own remarkable gift of fire. His forest friends help him understand that he really is a very special dragon indeed!
The Unhappy Little Dragon Lessons Learned
Little Dragon Excerpt
Shelley asked, looking at Happy expectantly.
Shelley The Turtle  said,”Let me ask you something son, when you practice your fire burning skills-what do you tell yourself?”
“Tell myself? What do you mean?” asked Happy not understanding what his new friend was getting at.
Shelley answered, “Well, maybe I should ask instead, how do you feel when you practice holding in your flame?
“Oh that! I feel scared, so scared that I will fail and burn everything up!” Happy answered sadly.
“Well now, I have a suggestion for you. Try feeling like you will not burn everything up. Instead tell yourself you will succeed in keeping your fire to yourself!” Shelley told him.
“But I am so scared. I really don’t think I can tell myself that I won’t burn everything up when I know I will!”
Happy argued in a worried little voice.
Shelley looked at Happy’s very unhappy face and said,”I have news for you Happy, and I want you to listen to me now!”
Then Shelley continued to explain.
“Dragons aren’t the only ones who have special gifts, Happy, no, no! All of the animals were given a special gift of one kind or another. All of us had to learn how to use it wisely, just like you. You sort of have to grow into your gift, like growing up! That’s why the animals need a teacher.
Can you guess what my special gift is?” Shelley asked, expectantly.
Happy didn’t know the answer so he shook his head and just kept quiet.
“Why Happy, I am a teacher!” Shelley said proudly.

About the author:
Carolyn Wolfe

Carolyn Wolfe is a free lance writer, poet, and author of six books including her collection of poetry, short stories and bedtime stories for children. In this, her sixth book, “The Unhappy Little Dragon, Lessons Learned” she reveals the journey of Happy, The Unhappy Little Dragon, who, while trying to understand how to master his uncontrollable gift of fire, has an exciting  adventure in the woods. His forest friends help him understand his gift and that he really is a very special dragon indeed!  Ms. Wolfe lives in the Shenandoah Valley with her Photographer, husband Scott, and her houseful of animal companions.
You can visit her website at When the Moon Speaks


  1. Thank you so much for hostng my book and interview on your blog today. I love this beautiful Blog Site. I just wanted to add that I will be around today in case anyone would like to ask me a question or make a comment!
    Thank you again!

  2. This book sounds great, I was wondering if the author plans on turning it into a series?

  3. Thank you for having me!

    And to Anonymous, thank you for your question! Actually I am working on writing more children's books for this older children's age group- 2nd-4th grade,with different animal characters each time, so that each book is self-contained. These stories will also have a different inspirational or motivational message to them. I am also working on another Children's book in verse for the little ones to enjoy, and plan to continue writing both types of books for children. I very much appreciate the question!

  4. This book sounds like it has a great message!!

  5. Carrie,its such a great little read, with positive messages. Thanks so much Carolyn for doing a guest post at my blog, I really appreciate it!


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