Sunday, February 19, 2012

Farley and the Lost Bone by Lynn Johnston and Beth Cruikshank ~ review


  • Reading level: Ages 10 and up
  • Hardcover: 32 pages
  • Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing (June 21, 2011)
  • ISBN-10: 1449403069

        • Book Description

          June 21, 2011 10 and up5 and up
          Inside Farley and the Lost Bone, award-winning cartoonist Lynn Johnston of For Better or For Worse fame and co-author Beth Cruickshank follow Farley as he welcomes the warmth of spring and tries to remember where he buried his most prized possession last fall.As a follow-up to the duo's first book, Farley Follows His Nose (Harper Collins, 2009), this children's tale features fan favorite sheepdog Farley as he digs in Elly's flowerbed, under Michael's model railway set, and inside Lizzie's sandbox until he remembers the special spot where he buried his tasty bone.
          Pairing Johnston's signature art with Cruickshank's gentle prose, Farley and the Lost Bone imparts a tale of self-reliance, diligence, and determination perfect for young readers.

          My take on this book:
          Spring has sprung in Farley's world and he knows he should remember something but what! When he realizes that he buried a juicy bone last fall, he begins his search digging all over the place,and  he quickly winds up in trouble! Will Farley ever remember where he buried that darned bone?

          I loved this book! The colorful illustrations and expressions on Farley's face really captured the essence of the story.  Youngsters will certainly be drawn into this story and will come away with a lesson  about perseverance and determination. While geared toward youngsters I found myself falling in love with the story of Farley, and couldn't quit smiling as the story progressed. A grandtastic read that any youngster who has a dog will certainly relate to.

          rating 5/5

          An e-copy of this book was checked out at my public library, and I must say the illustrations on my Kindle fire were beautiful. The opinions expressed in this review are mine alone. 

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  1. This book looks so cute, I am going to see if I can track it down at my library.


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