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Shades of Truth by Naomi Kinsman ~ review

Product Details

  • Reading level: Ages 9 and up
  • Paperback: 208 pages
  • Publisher: Zonderkidz (November 15, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 031072662X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0310726623

Book Description

9 and upFaithgirlz!/From Sadie's Sketchbook
It's Going to Be a Bear of a Year Sadie thought she'd have a perfect fresh start when she moved to Owl Creek, Michigan, but finding her place in her new school proves harder than she expected. In this divided town, Sadie's father's job mediating between bear hunters and researchers doesn't help her social life. Sadie's art instructor encourages her to explore her beliefs and express herself through her sketchbook, and things improve after Sadie befriends a kind girl from school and a researcher's son---but she can't stop worrying about the bears. As everything swirls around her, Sadie must learn what it means to have faith when you don't have all the answers.

My take on this book:
In this book readers are introduced to Sadie Douglas, a young girl whose family decides to move from California to Owl Creek, Michigan. Sadie's mom has been sick for awhile so the family thought that the move might just help. While Sadie puts a positive perspective on moving thinking of it as a great adventure she quickly learns that it isn't so easy to make new friends because of her dad's new job which is working as a middle man between bear hunters and researchers. When Sadie finally makes a new friend at school, its with Ruth who happens to be a preachers daughter. Sadie starts attending youth meetings with Ruth and has high hopes that she and Ruth will become best friends but something happens that has Sadie questioning Ruth's loyalty, and not only that bear season has started and Sadie can't quit worrying about the bears.

What a wonderful story. I really thought the author captured the essence of Sadie. While her life was good in California, she set out with a positive attitude about the family move, because she hoped that it would help her mother.Sadie's character was very easy to relate to. I thought the problems that she faced were very realistic. The spiritual questions that she pondered were dealt with in a good way as well. I always love when a dog is written into a story and with this book we had Higgins.
A great story that's filled with positive messages but doesn't come off as preachy or overly sweet. I think this book is very appropriate for ages 7 and up. I really enjoyed reading about Sadie and look forward to reading more of this series.
Highly recommended!
*A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

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