Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Every Day A Friday: How To Be Happier 7 Days A Week by Joel Osteen~ review

Product Details

  • Hardcover: 304 pages
  • Publisher: FaithWords (September 13, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0892969911
  • ISBN-13: 978-0892969913

Book Description from Amazon.com:

September 13, 2011
The title comes from research that shows people are happiest on Fridays. Pastor Joel Osteen writes how we can generate this level of contentment and joy every day of the week.
Known as a man who maintains a constant positive outlook in spite of circumstances, Osteen has described this message as a core theme of his ministry. Combining his personal experiences with scriptural insights and principles for true happiness, he shows readers how every day can hold the same promise and opportunities for pure joy that they experience at five o'clock on Friday.

My take on this book:
I have often seen Joel Osteen on tv while I was flipping channels but never really watched a sermon or listened to him speak. So in reading his book "Every Day A Friday" I wondered just what ideas he might share and what his teaching style might be.  Well in this book his idea is that  happiness is a choice is spot on. Statistics say that most people are happier on Friday because they are looking forward to the weekend, and in this book Mr. Osteen reminds us that we should look at every day as a gift from God and stop thinking so much about the negative and instead focus on the many positives in our life. 

I really enjoyed the way Mr. Osteen shares his message in this book. Instead of "preaching" to us he instead encourages and teaches us how we have the power within ourselves to change. A positive message that is perfect for anyone who needs a bit of encouragement. This book is a quick easy read, that I have actually read twice this year. Filled with plenty of uplifting stories that can help anyone turn their frowns upside down making them smiles instead. A great gift that would be perfect for anyone needing a little encouragement.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review, and I can honestly say I am purchasing a few of these books for friends this Christmas.

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