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Enduring Light by Carla Kelly ~ Blog Tour with review

Product Details

  • Mass Market Paperback: 392 pages
  • Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc. (January 8, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1599559846
  • ISBN-13: 978-1599559841

Synopsis from Goodreads:

She leaned toward him and rested her elbows on the brass rail at the foot of her bed. “All right, cowboy, just when did you fall in love with me? I’m definitely curious now.” 
He regarded her in the moonlight. “I knew I was a no-hoping goner when I caught that ridiculous hat of yours on the platform at Gun Barrel.” 
Julia sucked in her breath. She tried to be severe. “Mr. Otto, nobody falls in love that fast!” 
“I did,” he said simply, as he left her room. 

Julia Darling is finally able to marry Paul Otto for eternity. But it’s a harsh world for a rancher in turn-of-the-century Wyoming, especially a Mormon rancher. When alienation and threats begin, Julia must prove she’s her husband’s equal in strength and endurance as she learns to let go of scars on the outside and inside. 

Bestselling author Carla Kelly has woven a new story of a determined rancher, his wife, and how they discover the depths of love.

My take on this book:
When I first signed up for this blog tour I had no idea that this book was the second book in a series, but after reading a few pages I decided to purchase and read the first book "Borrowed Light."    You can click here to read my review of "Borrowed Light."

"Enduring Light" is the continuation of Julia and Paul's story and picks up right where the last book left off. While Julia is home in Salt Lake City recovering from being caught in a range fire Paul is home trying to put his ranch back together. Julia is not only carrying the visual scars of the fire but is also carrying emotional ones as well. At the beginning of this story Julia and Paul marry and head home to the Double Tipi ranch to begin their life. The ranchers who were once Paul's friends are now treating him differently because of his faith, and occasionally Julia suffers from the maltreatment as well, can they hold firm to their faith?

 Julia is still full of spunk, but easily shifts into the role of a married woman. Life on the Double Tipi has changed somewhat. There is a new cook to help Julia out, and a new ranch hand is hired. There is a threat to James and we learn of the tough decisions Paul makes to keep him safe. I loved the setting and time period of this book. I really enjoyed the story of Paul and Julia and seeing how they handled the problems they faced because of their religion. I know very little about the Mormon faith but after reading this book I really want to learn more. 
This is the second book in a series and while it can be read as a stand alone book I think this story would be much easier to understand if the books are read in order. I think anyone who enjoys historical western fiction that has a faith based message woven in will enjoy this book. I know I will certainly be looking for more books from this author.


*A complimentary copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review*

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