Thursday, November 10, 2011

Calling All Amish Fiction Lovers!!!

Are you a fan of Amish Fiction?

Do you belong to the site Goodreads?

If you do please drop by and join the Fans Of Amish Fiction Group. We are a lively group that loves to read Amish fiction. There are also several authors who write Amish fiction that are members. 

We have 299 members and once we reach 300 there will be a fabulous giveaway. So please drop by and join our group!

Thanks in advance and we look forward to meeting you.

Click here to go to the member page!


  1. I've given Lewis's books to many young readers. She's fabulous. I went by to join but couldn't find the link.

  2. I am a goodreads amish grp member and we have got 300 members now and huge giveaway going on, thanks for posting about it, lot of good folks there.
    Paula O

  3. Kittie just sent you an invite to join the group.

    Paula I totally agree its a wonderful group of people, and a great place to learn about new Amish fiction.


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