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While There is Still Time-- A Book Of Prophecy by Terrell Dunnum ~ PUYB Blog Tour with review

Product Details:

  • Perfect Paperback: 76 pages

  • Publisher: Tate Publishing (April 19, 2011)

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-10: 1617397326

  • ISBN-13: 978-1617397325

  • A complimentary copy of this book was provided by the author for review purposes.

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  • About the book:
    God always sends messengers to warn his people before a special event. He sent Noah before the flood. He sent angels before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. He send John the Baptist before the arrival of Jesus Christ.
    In the same way God spoke to Noah and John the Baptist, he has spoken to Terrell Dunnum. Terrell had released the Lord’s messages into a book of poetry that will bring hope and healing to all who read it.
    While There is Still Time is filled with poetry that is enjoyable both for its messages and its unique rhythms and rhymes. The poetry in While There is Still Time will touch all people, whether saved or unsaved. The lost will be drawn back to God, the weak in faith will be strengthened, and all readers will find encouragement and inspiration.

    Read the Excerpt

    Yearning for You
    Like a whistle from a kettle as steam is set free
    Is my yearning for you
    Like a hand that rocks the cradle
    With a soft, gentle touch
    Is my yearning for you
    My fragrance is sweet, so why don’t you sit, relax
    Let it warm your feet
    I am warmer than milk and sweeter than honey
    With words of love as gentle as a little baby bunny
    So come into my presence, my dear, my sweet
    I have all the bread and wine and so much more to eat
    For I will satisfy your longing no man can fill
    With my words full of comfort
    I’ll carry you to this great and awesome hill
    So be still and know that I am
    You are my bride
    Prepare yourself
    My take on this book:
    What a wonderful book of poetry that will touch the heart and inspire the soul. The author sets up his book of poetry in five sections such as:
    Section 1:I Am
    Section 2: To All Those In Need
    Section 3:My Reward
    Section 4: To Those Who Try Me
    Section 5: To The Church
    There are twenty-six poems that remind us of God's promises, who he is and what he is getting ready to do. As I read the poems it was easy to see God's hand in each of them. Uplifting and inspiring I would recommend these poems to anyone who wants to feel closer to God. One of my favorite poems was titled "Here I Am" and in this poem the author not only reminds us of God's unwavering love, but also reminds that it is our choice whether or not to allow God into our heart. I thought it was quite helpful that the author encourages the reader to think about five things as we read 
    1.What understanding am I getting from the poem?
    2.What does it say to me personally?
    3.How can it help others?
    4.Who are the people that come to mind?
    5.What is God leading me to do?
    He leaves a blank page between each poem that is titled reflections where we can jot down the answers to the questions. For me I also used this section to jot down scriptures that I felt lead to read. 
    If your looking for a book that will touch your heart and inspire you look no further than this one. This book would make a great gift for anyone that  needs a spiritual boost! Recommended

    About the author:
    Terrell Dunnum is the founder of Total Freedom Ministries, Inc., an organization that provides mentoring and biblical counseling to youth and families in crisis. He holds a master’s degree in Christian counseling from American Bible College and Seminary. While There is Still Time is Mr. Dunnum’s first poetry book.
    At the age of 12 he began to teach Sunday school and help his mother prepare for her missionary license. Terrell’s unique message is one that has inspired, educated, and challenged individuals of all ages in making life changing choices.
    At the age of 18, Terrell Dunnum’s mother died from an aneurism and a year later his father died from a coronary heart failure. Finding it difficult to continue with life and questioning God about the traumatic events left Terrell in a confused and depressed state. Terrell graduated from High School and continue through college receiving a bachelors degree in education through the help and encouragement of his older sibling,
    Terrell says,” it was not easy, but I had to let go of the past, and learn to trust God in ways that my intellectual mind could not understand.” Through prayer and fasting, Terrell began to witness the miraculous effects of forgiveness and faith. Terrell later received his master’s degree in Christian Counseling from the American Bible College and Seminary.
    Terrell Dunnum now encourages others as a motivational speaker. He has a gift to touch the hearts and minds of individuals struggling with identity crisis and relational barriers. He has helped thousands of young men and women find true meaning and purpose in life.

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