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A Life Restored (#3 Prescott Pioneers) by Karen Baney ~ review

A Life Restored (Prescott Pioneers #3)

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  • About the book:
  • Making mistakes is a part of life…

    Social butterfly, Caroline Larson, longs for adventure. Since her best friend left Texas, she grows dissatisfied with her life. A little lie to her parents sends her on the journey of her life. Stranded in the Arizona desert, far from her final destination, she must rely on a stranger who gets under her skin.

    Thomas Anderson has always struggled with making good decisions. A twist of fate, or Providence, leads him to Arizona to take a job as an express rider. Dealing with the ghosts of his past threatens to overshadow his future—until he meets a woman needing his help. Sparks fly as she grates on his nerves.

    As they both struggle to move beyond their past mistakes, will they find their lives restored?

My take on this book:
Ever get so hooked on a series that you just can't wait to read the next installment? That's just how I feel about Karen Baney's Prescott Pioneer series. Each book has unfolded like an adventure, that easily pulls you into the historical setting, but more than that the author easily allows you to become invested in the characters lives, and starting a new book in the series is like visiting with old friends.
"A Life Restored," is the story of Caroline Larson and Thomas Anderson. Eighteen year old Caroline isn't happy with her life in Texas. She misses her best friend Julia Larson and her older brother Adam who left a year ago to move to the Colter ranch in Prescott, Arizona Territory. She believes the only way she is going to have the life she wants is to move to Prescott, and secures a chaperone so that she can convince her father to allow her to go.When her chaperone doesn't get her to Prescott as quickly as Caroline would like she decides to make the final leg of the journey alone, but when the stagecoach is robbed and all the other passengers are murdered she is stuck in the dessert until Thomas Anderson, an express rider happens along and says he will take her to Prescott. Even though the two rub each other the wrong way, there is also a definite attraction. Will Caroline find the life she is hoping for in Prescott, and will Thomas be a part of it?

There was plenty going on in this story. The main story is centered around Thomas and Caroline. Thomas struggles with letting go of the burdens from his past, the author easily allows us to see the inner struggles that he had.Paul was a wonderful influence on Thomas. Caroline was someone who usually acted before she actually thought things thru. The secondary stories were just as interesting. I loved how things worked out for Betty and Ben, and it was nice to reconnect with Will, Hannah, Julia and Adam. The story line with Robert Garrett added a bit of mystery and  suspense to the story, and really left me wondering what he will do in the next book! I did wonder about Rev. Pritchett and his daughter Millie and hope we might see them again in the next book.
If your a fan of historical fiction with romance, mystery, suspense and also has a nice christian message then your certainly going to enjoy this book. While its the third book in the Prescott Pioneers series I felt like the author gives us enough background information so that it can easily be read as a stand alone work,but believe me you will want to read the entire series! On a scale of one to five I would easily give this book a six because its just that good!


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